5 ways to have an active commute and start your day off better

Start your mornings energized by getting in an active commute to work

Traffic (LL)
Traffic (LL)
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Start your mornings energized by getting in an active commute to work

Feel like that time you spend travelling to work is being wasted? You’re not wrong. A study at the University of East Anglia found that people who have an active commute have a higher level of well-being than those who relied on machine-based transport.

Make the most of your morning and get in your daily exercise with one of these ways to have an active commute…

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Have a crack at canuting

London has more than 100km of winding waterways, so you might be surprised athow easily you can commute to work by canal. Canuting – ie commuting by canoe –might not be a viable option every day, but it’s a great for the occasionalupper body work out. Hire your ride from Canoe London – a site which also haslistings of lessons around the capital. Then all you need to do is bookyourself a waterways licence and you’re good to go.

Saddle up

People who cycle to work are estimated to be 40% less stressed than other commuters* so there really is a good reason to get back on your bike. Great for cardiovascular fitness, cycling is also a low impact exercise meaning that it’s easier on your joints. Not got a bike? The government-backed ‘Cycle to Work’ scheme lets employers loan bikes and equipment to employees as a tax-free benefit, saving you up to 42%. Good for your wallet and your waist, then.

Jump on the spinning bus

Worried about the safety side of navigating those roads bybike? Solving all your problems are London-based fitness studio 1Rebel, who aretransforming a bus into a mobile spinning studio. Saving you time on travellingto work, the bus will drive along the most popular commuter routes and finishat 1Rebel’s St Mary Axe Studio so that spinners can stop for a shower and asmoothie. Sound good? Sign up for pre-launch tickets now.

Get your skates on

Not just for kids, inline skating (or rollerblading) is agreat way to whizz to work and get in a bit of exercise. Be warned though –navigating a city’s crowded streets can take a bit of skill, so it’s worthsigning up for a few classes first to hone your technique. SkateFresh offersinline skating lessons in London, Brighton and Reading for all levels, as wellas online tutorials in several languages. No excuses then.

Try a morning march

Now that the weather is perking up, make the most of thesunshine by walking to work. It might mean waking up a little earlier in themornings, but just think – no more delays, no more traffic and no more timewasted stranded between stops because of another signal failure. A brisk walk,on the other hand, will kick start your metabolism, burn around 250 caloriesand ensure you get your daily dose of Vitamin D. It’s much safer (and lesssweaty) than cycling, too.

*According to researchers at Stanford Calming Technology Lab

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