Here’s how to track your fitness in style

This season's must-have athleisure accessory

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With designers and high-street stores continually adding luxe sportswear to their collections, and the likes of Gigi and Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Suki Waterhouse all getting their athleisure look down to a T, it’s no surprise that fitness trackers are being pipped as this season’s must-have accessory.

Always ahead of the game, our content editor Lauren Mattera has been sporting the fabulous Fitbit Blaze watch to track her fitness, and challenged herself to do 10,000 steps every day. Here’s how she got on…


My wake-up call is a silent vibration from my Fitbit Blaze so I manage to slip quietly out of bed without waking up my partner.

I’ve started using my Fitbit Blaze to monitor my sleep so that I can get the most out of my day. It automatically tracks how long I’ve been asleep and any restlessness, which has encouraged me to put a curfew on drinking caffeine for a better night’s sleep.

I’ve connected my Fitbit Blaze with the GPS on my phone so I can map my morning-run route and have started to experiment with pace, which is displayed on screen.


At my desk, I go through my emails. If I sit still for too long, I get a ‘reminder to move’ from my Fitbit Blaze. Grateful for the nudge, I offer to nip out to get coffee for my team (it’s a virtuous herbal tea for me and 327 steps FYI).

Even on busy days, I make a conscious effort to leave my desk at lunch to go for a twenty-minute walk. This boost of exercise helps bump up my steps per day and I return feeling really energised.

I’ve become slightly addicted to logging what I eat on my Fitbit app, so that I can easily compare calories in versus calories out.


Wearing my Fitbit Blaze has definitely encouraged me to be more active, and since having it I’ve tweaked how I go about my working day to improve my health, diet and wellbeing.

I rock up at my evening spin class with more motivation than ever before, thanks to my Fitbit Blaze. I’ve noticed I’m able to sustain my heart rate in the peak zone for longer in high-intensity workouts, which means I am getting fitter!


After a quick shower at the gym, I head off to meet friends for a drink. We’re becoming quite the Fitbit Blaze squad – this week’s step challenge is getting really competitive!

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