Healthy cola from Pepsi

Pepsi launches 'healthy' cola made with all-natural ingredients

Pepsi is set to launch a new ‘healthy’ cola, made with all-natural ingredients.

Pepsi Raw uses ingredients like apple extract, coffee leaf and sparkling water and apparently contains no artificial preservatives, colours, flavourings or sweeteners.

The change in ingredients means the new drink looks much lighter than the more traditional colas, and is also not as fizzy.

In the process of cutting out the usual artificial colourings and flavourings, Pepsi has also managed to shave a significant number of calories from its product, down to 117 per serving, rather than 126.

‘We are really proud that the UK is leading the way with the launch of Pepsi Raw, which is the most significant innovation from Pepsi UK in the last 15 years,’ Bruno Gruwez, Pepsi’s marketing director, said.

On sale in bars and clubs in just seven major British cities – London, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Glasgow, Brighton and Liverpool – if successful, Pepsi Raw could be rolled out to other areas of the country as early as next year.

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