Celebrity maternity nurse says modern mums ‘have lost the plot’

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  • Your baby doesn't HAVE to come first all the time

    She’s been looking after newborn babies for 40 years and released the iconic manual, The Baby Book, 10 years ago, and now maternity nurse, Rachel Waddilove has updated the book to fit in with modern mums’ evolving lifestyles.

    However, Waddilove, whose methods include swaddling, controlled crying and formula, have risen eyebrows, but she insists women today are ‘scaring’ themselves ‘by reading nonsense on the internet.’

    ‘It’s not me who has changed, it’s modern mothers,’ she told The Telegraph.

    ‘You’re all so busy, you travel so much and you scare yourselves by reading nonsense on the internet. I want to make my message even clearer.’

    People loving her message include Gwyneth Paltrow, who calls her parenting and breastfeeding advice ‘invaluable’ and Zara Phillips who describes her as ‘the wisest.’

    Part of what Rachel, who trained at Doctor Barnado’s nursery college in the sixties, advocates is not putting your child first too much.

    ‘Modern parenting is all about the child and that’s what I don’t like about it,’ she says. ‘I’m not belittling the fact that children are precious, they’re a gift but we’re building a generation of little tin gods and it’s not creating a very nice society. We’ve lost the plot.

    ‘Babies mustn’t think the world revolves around them. They’ll grow up thinking the world owes them a living.’

    And when it comes to babies crying, Rachel insists that it is a vital part of them going to sleep, and parents must use ‘controlled crying’, and wait before going to comfort their child.

    ‘Very often a baby’s normal way to go to sleep is to have a shout, air their lungs. If you rush to them you interrupt the pattern of them falling asleep.’

    Sounds like Rachel’s methods could be key for relieving some of the stress and guilt that some many modern parents experience.

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