There's now a Bluetooth-operated tampon that tells you when it's full

Pimp up your period...

Bluetooth tampons
Bluetooth tampons
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Pimp up your period...

Are you one of those people who think tampons work fine as they are? Do you think sanitary products should be left exempt from the world's ever-growing digitalisation? Well times are a changing, and your period is about to get a tech update.

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A start-up company called My.Flow has arrived on the scene to create tampons that tell you when they are full using Bluetooth technology, in a bid to stop any unfortunate accidents.

The invention, which is currently in the funding stages, will gauge the moisture levels in your tampon and send alerts to your phone so you know when its full.

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It's interesting to say the least. But that doesn't mean we're without questions: What does the alert on your phone say? 'TAMPON FULL!' complete with a big, red flashing light and siren? Does it have buttons - ON the tampon? Is it machine washable?

According to Gizmodo, you have to clip the Bluetooth component to your waistband and the tampon's extra long string gives it a reading. Right. So you will essentially be attached to your tampon by a string. That's extra long.

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We can see it now... Hot date asks: 'what's that weird thing attached to your waistband?'

We think we'll pass.

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