Acupuncture: Does It Really Work?

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  • Having never gone under the needle before, the Marie Claire beauty team muster their courage and take the pin-point approach to healing.

    Lisa Oxenham, Beauty & Style Director
    Problem: A new scar on my forehead from a bicycle accident.
    Who she went to: John Tsagaris.
    The lead up: John told me I’d need around a hundred needles inserted into my face and it worried me. I was scared about needles going in around my scar because it’s a fresh wound and I was paranoid about it reopening.
    What happened next: The needles were inserted around the scar tissue to promote collagen production and new tissue growth and take away inflammation which is the main cause of the scar. The treatment definitely sped up the healing process and now my scar has healed further, I want to go again before it forms a proper scar.

    Cassie Steer, Beauty & Style Editor
    Problem: Insomnia. For as long as I can remember I have been a bad sleeper but it’d definitely got worse over the last year. Deadlines, jet lag, stress, all manifest themselves in my falling asleep for an hour and then staying awake for the rest of the night.
    Who she went to: Ross J. Barr. For months now I have been hearing his name from fellow beauty editors who rave about the results he gets, so I finally got an appointment to see him at his Wimpole Street Clinic.
    The lead up: Being claustrophobic, the thought of having to stay perfectly still with no option of getting up and leaving panicked me more than anything. I almost chickened out.
    What happened next: We talked for a long time so he could really suss me out. I lay down and he put needles in my feet, taking my pulse the entire time to monitor my cortisol (stress) levels. Although I couldn’t feel most of the needles in my feet, I felt my heart lunge at one point and my stomach started making odd noises – he explained it was all the cortisol levelling out. I walked out feeling calm and my limbs heavy but most importably that night I slept for a solid six hours which I haven’t done for years.

    Jessica Lacey, Beauty Features Editor
    Problem: Stress and a general feeling of being a bit overwhelmed.
    Who she went to: Nataliya Robinson. An expert in hormones, stress and the female cycle, she’s the go-to therapist for chilling out.
    The lead up: I was so nervous because everything in my body was telling me that voluntarily having needles put into you is madness.
    What happened next: Nataliya placed a single needle in-between my eyes and asked me to do three sharp breaths out. As the needle went in, I felt a sudden rush of energy and anxiety leaving my body which was such a high that I asked for more needles. I kept three of them in for twenty minutes and felt my entire body un-tense and a wave of calm wash all over me. I left feeling clear-minded and with a strong feeling of that I could deal with any situation. Now I tell anyone who’ll listen that they should try acupuncture, there’s definitely something in it.

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