Guess what percentage of women would choose shopping over sex?

Four in ten women would rather shop than have sex

Same, tbf.

Women are much more complicated than a simple 'shopping or sex' survey might assume, but the results of one study are actually quite surprising when it comes to how many of us would rather a retail rush than a raunchy session. Especially when you consider that these Kamasutra positions for your pleasure are just insane (honestly, bookmark that page for whenever you hear a lonely pair of Louboutins whispering your name).

However, Kamasutra positions aside, the poll revealed that an overwhelming 40% of the women surveyed would rather go shopping than have sex.

In the survey of British sex habits, 37% revealed that they would be happy in a sexless marriage, with the figure rising to half of women if they had been with their husband for more than 20 years.

Although four in ten women claimed they would rather be out spending, a third of British women said that they did not have enough sex. Most couples listed that they have sex once or twice a week, with 37% of pollers choosing this as their average.

Of the married participants, 94% did describe themselves as happily married and 72% of wives claimed they still found their husbands attractive.

Perhaps the percentage of women choosing shopping over sex would decrease if they knew about the wonder that is jiggle balls...

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