The UK's 'most hated' vegetables may come as a surprise

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Since lockdown, many of us have taken up new hobbies - whether it's baking (remember the banana bread days when finding a bag of flour was near impossible?) or completing 3,000 piece puzzles.

A number of people have also found themselves in the garden, growing cute little veg patches.

But, while tomato plants are proving popular, there are some vegetables that, well, aren't.

According to a new survey by Higgidy, the UK is a nation of haters when it comes to the likes of Brussels sprouts, artichokes and celery. Apparently, Brits are not too happy about filling their plates with aubergines, beetroots, butternut squash or bok choy either.

Even the staples like courgette, kale and cabbage made it onto the 'most hated' list.

The study of 2,000 participants also found that the average adult is not getting their five a day, consuming just two pieces of fruit or veg daily, and 47% revealed they rarely - or never - hit the recommended target. And surprisingly, almost one in twenty said they don't eat any veg at all.

Why are we a nation of anti-veggies? Over a third said they're just not exciting enough and dislike the taste, with others claiming that it's too time consuming to make fresh salads and veg dishes every day.

So which ones made the least wanted list?

UK's 'most hated' veg

  1. Brussels sprouts – 19%
  2. Artichoke – 14%
  3. Celery – 13%
  4. Aubergine – 13%
  5. Beetroot – 10%
  6. Celeriac – 10%
  7. Butternut squash – 10%
  8. Bok Choy – 10%
  9. Broccoli – 9 %
  10. Yam – 9%
  11. Fennel – 9%
  12. Okra – 8%
  13. Marrow – 8%
  14. Jerusalem artichoke – 8%
  15. Button mushrooms – 8%
  16. Pumpkin – 7%
  17. Cabbage – 7%
  18. Chard 7%
  19. Kale 6%
  20. Courgette 6%

However, if you're a big fan of carrots and potatoes, you're in good company with 30% admitting that they're the faves.

Although, potatoes aren't technically counted when it comes to your five daily portions according to the NHS. Sad.

Jadie Troy-Pryde
News Editor

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