4 Prosecco cocktails that you can make in minutes

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    We’re not sure it’s an official ‘thing’, but Prosecco season is officially here, which can only mean one thing: Prosecco cocktails.

    Yes, plain Prosecco is so 2016, it’s now all about fizz cocktails.

    Whilst the Prosecco shortage may be behind us (for now), we think it would still be wise to err on the side of caution when it comes to Prosecco consumption, which is why these easy summer cocktail recipes are the perfect way to get your fizz fix, without drying up the country’s Prosecco reserves.

    4 simple Prosecco Cocktails that taste amazing

    Marie Claire’s very own Greedy Girls (AKA Lucy Pavia and Holly Rains) have tried and tested these Prosecco cocktails and can guarantee they all taste bloody amazing…

    The Rosecco
    (Invented by Sophie Dahl)
    Fill a glass with Prosecco and pour 20ml of rose syrup down the inside of the glass so that it slides to the bottom and creates a pretty ‘sunset’ effect. The syrup should give the Prosecco a subtle rose flavour.

    Tip: Buy your Monin rose syrup here.

    The Sparkling Gin and Elderflower
    Pour 20ml elderflower cordial and 20ml gin into your flute.
    Top up with cold Prosecco.
    Decorate with some sprigs of mint.

    The Prosecco Royale
    In your flute mix 20ml Chambord with 1 tablespoon of lemon juice
    Top up with Prosecco.
    Skewer some couple of blueberries onto a sprig of thyme and drop into the glass to serve.

    The Hibiscus Flower Fizz
    Drop an edible hibiscus flower into the bottom of your flute and top up with Prosecco.
    At the end you can eat your prosecco infused flower – it should taste of rhubarb and raspberry.

    Tip: Buy your hibiscus flowers here.

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