This is why the shell inside Kinder eggs is actually yellow

We can't believe we never realised this before now ...

We can't believe we never realised this before now ...

Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

We're already three months in to 2017, and we've long given up on our New Years resolutions to become a super bendy Yogi and to eliminate chocolate from our diet (especially after finding out that this chocolate bar will cure your period pains, and after scoffing all those Nutella pancakes this week).

But before you clear away the crimpled, empty Kinder Egg wrappers from your desk, we've got a bit of cocoa-flavoured food for thought: why IS the toy inside in the chocolatey treat a yellow shell? Is there a reason? Have we been oblivious this whole time?

Well, for everyone who has ever wondered, and for anyone who never has, the answer is yes. We have ignored a pretty vital part of the Kinder Egg Surprise construction, and we finally know exactly why Kinder chose a yellow shell to protect the little plastic toy prize.

We'll give you one more second to have a think.

Ready to have your minds blown?

The yellow case is meant to look like the yolk of a real egg. Pretty obvious when you think about it, hey?

Yes, we may have actually been consuming this sweet treat for years because the prospect of getting a toy outweighed our need for delicious chocolate, but now we know why it's yellow on the inside we're feeling pretty damn smart.

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