This chocolate bar will cure your period pain

An excuse to eat chocolate AND a way to soothe the pain of period cramps? Bloody brilliant.

chocolate with love

An excuse to eat chocolate AND a way to soothe the pain of period cramps? Bloody brilliant.

As a great man (AKA Remus Lupin) once said, eating chocolate will make you feel better.

We've always agreed with this outlook on life, and it seems Swiss chocolate making company Chocolate With Love are also on board.

As many of us who suffer from severe period pain will know, chocolate can be a great (and down right delicious) comfort when you're lying in bed with a hot water bottle nursing your stomach cramps.

We thought life couldn't get much better when this unlimited chocolate hack was revealed earlier this year, but Chocolate with Love may have just kicked things up a gear with their latest invention.

Yes, the company have appealed to all of our period woes by creating a chocolate that claims to actually relieve the pain of our periods with just a few mere bites.

The company's boss, Marc Widmer told 20 Minuten that the chocolate contains 17 different herbs that work together to create a soothing effect of the body.

The herbs were collected from mountains in Switzerland and also work with the serotonin in cocoa to help the body relax. Sounds heavenly, right?

The chocolate is called 'Frauenmond' (which translates to women's moon, incase you were wondering) and is designed to calm the pain of period cramps, lower stress levels and generally relieve us from our monthly state of period-related misery and despair.

We imagine this poor woman who's being have her period for five years is overjoyed by the news.

According to Chocolate With Love, the chocolate apparently tastes delicious and functions as your bog standard chocolate bar for men who also wish to consume it (not that we'll be sharing)

The bad news? The period-soothing chocolate we've all be waiting for is currently only in the crowdfunding stage, with people donating via crowdfunding site Funders.

Obviously this sounds like the best idea anyone has ever had though, so we imagine production will be up and running in no time.