If you get served a cup like this in Starbucks your barista really doesn’t like you

Hey, you got to get your kicks somehow...

Hey, you got to get your kicks somehow...

Image: bemyfuse/Reddit

It’s a tough life being a barista. From dealing with the 99% of the population who believe there is an ‘X’ is espresso, to the type who ask for their drink ‘extra hot’, because the boiling water used to brew their coffee doesn’t quite cut the mustard. Yes, the types of people you’ve probably served as a barista are a colourful bunch.

But what are you going to do about it? You love the bean too much to quit.

How about you take your cue from this disgruntled Starbucks worker, who has found the perfect revenge to exact on annoying customers. Yes, in possibly the most conniving yet pedestrian move ever, the barista revealed on Reddit that she puts stickers over the Starbucks logo to ruin customers' Instagram photos. No Iced Coconut Milk Mocha Macchiato Instagram photo with a Rise filter for you, sir.

Reddit user bemyfuse posted the photo of sticker-covered Starbucks drinks and said:

‘My petty joy is putting stickers on the siren logo when annoying teenagers order millions of fraps at once, so their instagram posts are ruined ¯_(“/)_/¯ it's the little things.’

So there you go. If you received your iced coffee with a side order of sly sticker placement, you’ve probably pissed off your barista.

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