The food delivery services to use if you’re struggling to order from supermarkets

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  • If you’re finding it difficult to get a delivery slot from your regular supermarket or are struggling to get everything on your list from the nearest shop, there are lots of fresh food delivery services operating during the coronavirus outbreak.

    Whether you’re looking for fruit and vegetables, fresh bread, dry goods or even a brownie subscription (yes, it’s a real thing), these companies are working hard to ensure that households across the UK have access to everything they need.

    Here are some of the food delivery services that you may want to use during lockdown.

    Marbleous Boxes

    Delivering weekly across the country from London, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, Rutland to  more, Marbleous Boxes is brought to you by acclaimed chef Tom Thornton and Marble LDN, an awards wining agency. With several box options from your Fruit And Veg Box (£40) with all your staples to The Lockdown Hamper (£140) which included everything from a Patty and Bun burger kit to a La Nonna fresh pasta box, there really is something for everyone.

    To order:  Visit their Instagram page to find out full details. But either call one of the numbers listed (depending on your delivery address) or send an email.

    Knock Knock

    Brought to you by London’s top restaurant supplier Smith & Brock, Knock Knock is a grocery box home delivery service providing Londoners with chef quality seasonal produce delivered straight to your door. Prices start from £18.50 for a perfect veg box.

    Order Here


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    Here's what you all helped us rescue this week and why: 🧅 Onions (size) from Norfolk/Suffolk/Befordshire; 🥔 Potatoes (surplus, size) from Norfolk/Suffolk/Cambs/Kent; 🍃 Spring onions (surplus) from Lincs; 🥬 Spring Greens (surplus) from Lincs; 🥗 Living Lettuce (surplus) from Essex; 🍃 Rocket (surplus) from Spain; 👨‍🌾 Radish (size, skin marks) from Cambs/Norfolk; 🌳 Asparagus (size, shape) from Kent; 👨‍🌾 Butternut squash (size) from S.Africa; 🍃 Choi Sum (surplus) from Spain; 🥬 Giant Pak Choi (surplus) from Spain; 🥒 Courgettes (shape, size) from Spain; 🥒 Cucumbers (surplus, shape, size) from Spain/Holland; 🍆 Aubergines (shape, size, skin marks) from Spain/Holland; 🍎 Apples (size, skin marks) from France/Kent/Essex; 🍑 Nectarines (surplus) from Spain; 🍊 Oranges (surplus) from Spain; 🍃 Melons (size) from Honduras; 🍌 Bananas (size, skin marks) from Ecuador/C.Rica/D.Rep; 👨‍🌾 Plums (surplus) from S.Africa; 🍇 Grapes (colour) from S.Africa. What fruit or veg are you most excited to cook with this week?👇 #oddbox #sustainableeating

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    Introducing London’s first waste-fighting fruit and vegetable subscription box that rescues surplus and imperfect produce directly from farms in addition to already packed fruit and veg whch are rejected by supermarkets. Boxes are available in small, medium and large and start from £9.45 . The website also handily offers some clever waste-free recipes, tips and ideas on what to cook with your box.

    Order here

    First Choice Produce

    They serve Londoners who are looking for fruit, meat, and baked or dry goods.

    Order here



    If you’re after healthy snacks, they’re offering 30% off their online range.

    Order here



    Known for supplying many London restaurants and hotels, they’re offering those in the capital home deliveries for fruit and veg.

    Order here


    Mindful Chef

    Fresh and healthy recipe boxes with gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan options.

    Order here


    Feast Box

    A delivery box for those who like ‘authentic recipes from around the world’.

    Order here



    Vegans looking for plant-based meals which have been cooked by chefs, look no further.

    Order here

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    We have our favourite pantry and freezer staples to thank for this crispy, salty, moreish fried rice. Cooked rice, tofu, frozen peas and sesame oil come together to form its delicious base, to which we add ginger, spring onions and pak choy for extra layers of flavour and texture. Hit save to give this a go. Ingredients: 4 spring onions, sliced (or shallots) 2 cloves garlic, finely chopped  1 thumb ginger, finely chopped 3 tbsp neutral oil (such as sunflower, refined coconut or rapeseed)  250g firm tofu, patted dry + crumbled  250g pak choy, chopped into 2cm pieces (or spinach/kale/chard) 600g cooked rice (day old is best, but fresh is ok)  200g peas (frozen or fresh) 2-3 tbsp soy sauce (to taste)  1 tbsp sesame oil 1 tbsp rice wine vinegar  10g basil To top: 1 tbsp sesame seeds 1 spring onion, finely sliced Method: Heat 1 tbsp oil in a large pan or wok. Add spring onions, garlic and ginger and sauté for 2-3 minutes. Add crumbled tofu to the pan, and let cook, untouched for 3-4 minutes. When it’s golden on the heat-facing side, stir and continue to cook untouched for another 3-4 minutes (this is what makes the tofu crispy!). Transfer the tofu into a bowl. Add pak choy to the same pan and sauté for 2-3 minutes, until wilting and tender. Add to the bowl with tofu. Add remaining 2 tbsp oil to the same pan and add cooked rice. Cook, stirring often, for 8-10 minutes, until the rice starts to crisp. Add peas, soy sauce, sesame oil and rice wine vinegar and stir in. Mix in the cooked tofu, pak choy and basil and cook for another minute. Serve topped with sesame seeds and sliced spring onions.

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    Pasta Evangelists

    Delivering delicious pasta packs which include sauces and garnishes.

    Order here

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    PASTA STORY | LASAGNE ⁠👑⁠ ⁠ If you've been to Italy, you'd know that Lasagne is a national treasure 🇮🇹 This is what my nonna would prepare for Sunday lunch and all the family would join in eating, laughing and keeping an eye on uncle Raimondo's fast fork… 👀 ⁠ ⁠ One of the most authentic symbols of Italianità, able to combine ancient roots with numerous regional variations ✨⁠ ⁠ Some of the first signs of lasagne date back to the Romans and in the Middle Ages, where they were muses mentioned in every poet's song. The Bourbon king Ferdinand II was even called "King Lasagna", owing to his penchant for the dish! ⁠ ⁠ The modern version recipe is disputed between Bologna and Napoli, but this is no place for division. We are here to enjoy the warming unity that Lasagna brings ❤️⁠ ⁠ Incidentally, you may have noticed: we say "Lasagne" rather than "Lasagna". This is because, like most other types of pasta, the Italian word is a plural form: Lasagne meaning more than one sheet of Lasagna. However, we are a country of variety and. when referring to the baked dish, we might also call it "Lasagna". ⁠ ⁠ Tag your Italian friend who'll enjoy this (all Italians lol)👇⁠ ⁠ #PastaEvangelists ⁠#YourPasta #FreshPasta #FunFact #PastaIsLife #foodlover #eattheworld #londonfoodie #forkyeah #foodgasm #instayum #londonpasta #feedfeed #droolclub #appetitejournal⁠ #backtobasics #homedelivery ⁠

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    Hello Fresh

    The popular food delivery service offers ingredients for easy-to-make recipes.

    Order here



    Recipe kits including flavour pots and step-by-step recipe cards to give your dinners a delicious boost.

    Order here


    Love Yourself

    Healthy dinners for Londoners whether you’re after something balanced, gluten-free or vegetarian.

    Order here


    Hobbs House Bakery

    Delivering fresh bread to those in and around the Cotswolds – they even offer a brownie subscription service.

    Order here


    Pale Green Dot

    For those in London and Sussex who want organically grown local produce.

    Order here

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    Posted @withregram • @clivehol I’m coping with the new stay home regime by ordering a weekly vegetable box delivery from the excellent people at @palegreendot. Seasonal contents vary each week and are locally sourced from farms in Sussex. Since this week’s box (pic 4) included some Italian Chiogga globe beetroots with their distinctive red and white bullseye pattern I decided to roast them with thyme and garlic (pics 2 and 3). Turned out really tasty. . . . . . . . . . . . . . #vegetables #rootvegetables #roastedvegetables #salad #fruit #mixedvegetables #vegetablebox #vegetableboxes #vegbox #chiogga #chioggabeets #beetroot #roastedveggies #exoticvegetables #palegreendot #farmfresh #beetroots  #homedelivery #homedeliveryservice  #stayhome  #sussex  #farm  #freshproduce #deliveryservice  #sussex  #farmproduce #redcabbage #greenpepper #heritagetomatoes. What amazing 📸 🙏 @clivehol

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    We will keep this list updated with the most up-to-date information.

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