Sound the klaxon: a new Diet Coke flavour is here and you’ll want to try it

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  • Listen up, Diet Coke fans: this one's a good'un

    Words by Ally Head

    Public service announcement for all you Diet Coke fans out there: there’s a brand new flavour on the block that might just be as exciting as Aldi’s new boozey Easter eggs or their new bargain £4.99 1kg Nutella tub (yep).

    Enter stage right, Diet Coke ‘Sublime Lime’, which promises to bring a ‘zesty citrus flavour to the Diet Coke family’. It’s basically a lemon and lime-slash-DC hybrid (minus the lemon) in a can and we’re really, really here for it.

    Launching yesterday and available nationwide, it joins two other newbies to the Diet Coke family. Diet Coke Twisted Strawberry and Diet Coke Exotic Mango launched last year, and the three now sit alongside the classic Diet Coke, caffeine free Diet Coke, and Diet Coke Feisty Cherry flavour in all major supermarket stores for around 45p a can (when you buy a multipack).

    Diet Coke launch new lime flavour

    When asked about the new launch, Amber Topalcik, senior brand manager for Diet Coke Great Britain, said: ‘We know how much Diet Coke fans love new flavours and we’re really excited to launch Diet Coke Sublime Lime. For those looking for something new and full of flavour, it perfectly pairs the refreshing taste of Diet Coke with an amazing zesty twist.’

    Fun fact for you (that isn’t about Diet Coke making Menthos explode when mixed together because, well, duh): 1.9 million Diet Cokes are sold daily, and when it first launched nearly 40 years ago, it fast became the best-selling diet fizzy drink of all time. Impressive.

    But what’s the verdict on the new flavour? Twitter seems pretty impressed, with @_jamie________ tweeting ‘Sublime lime diet coke is…. well…. sublime’, @OerbaYunRae saying ‘Diet Coke: Sublime Lime. Everything I’ve ever wanted’ and @movieslikezoos adding ‘Having passionately declared Pepsi > Coke last night, I must say that this Sublime Lime flavour Diet Coke is fucking exquisite’.

    8 cans of new Diet Coke Sublime Lime, £3.80, Morrisons

    Diet Coke Sublime Lime

    However, other Twitter users weren’t quite as impressed, with @JoPegrum Tweeting: ‘@DietCokeGB, you had perfection with Diet Coke citrus zest but I’m afraid sublime lime pales in comparison. Why???’.

    What do you think—are you excited to try the new flavour or will you be giving this one a miss? Stay tuned for what else Diet Coke HQ have got up their sleeves for 2020.

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