A chef has patented the ‘ultimate hangover cure’ – but be warned, it looks pretty grim

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  • The morning after the night before. You consumed an unholy amount of Prosecco, you can’t look at your phone in fear that you’ve drunkenly messaged your ex and all you want to do is stay in bed until your head doesn’t feel like a pinball machine.

    If you can drag yourself out of the house to grab a coffee, you can pick up a puppuccino for your dog while you’re at it.

    But if you can’t manage to move, you’ll need something to dull the hangover.

    Previously, it was believed that the ultimate hangover cure was drinking Korean pear juice before you start on the tequila shots. However, one chef has patented a recipe that he’s claiming is the only antidote that you need.

    Fergus Henderson spoke to Vice and admitted that he loved all things food and booze, and revealed that you should ditch the feeble attempts to quell a hangover with a fry up, orange juice or an entire loaf of bread.

    Instead, you just need to put together a bit of a cocktail. Hair of the dog, and all that. All you have to do is mix fernet, crème de menthe and ice.

    He notes that while it may look absolutely grim, it’ll work wonders so don’t be ‘put off the by colour.’

    Henderson said: ‘That somewhat insidious-tasting amaro known as Fernet-Branca has been a favourite of chefs around the world for decades due to its herbal punch of flavour and ability to calm your insides when you’ve had far, far too much to eat.

    ‘It’s also the essential component of the best hangover cure.’

    So next time you wake up the morning after the night before and your head is pounding, your stomach is gurgling and your body is aching, why not give it a go?

    If the thought of it is enough to make you heave, just stay in your pyjamas, binge watch a show on Netflix and order a Dominos instead.

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