The best gin in the UK has just been revealed

We'll drink to that

We'll drink to that

Last year it was revealed that gin was officially the most popular drink of 2016 after record breaking sales of the spirit were sold, and given that even Queen Liz is partial to a cheeky gin more often than not, we aren't surprised.

In more related gin news (which is the best kind of news, tbh) the best gin in the UK has just been announced, and you may not have expected this one.

Yes, for all you ginnoisseurs (yes we've made that up) out there, Brighton Gin has just been awarded the prestigious title of 'best gin the UK'.

Brighton Gin walked away victorious at the People's Drinks Awards, which had members of the general public blind taste test alcohol in order to pick the best tasting.

Founder of Brighton Gin, Kathy Caton has said: 'Brighton is such a creative, pioneering, free-thinking place, with a long-standing heritage of invention and pleasure seeking and a cast of notorious, mould-breaking characters throughout its history.'

'With Brighton Gin, we wanted to create the absolute top quality spirit this city deserves and we're ecstatic that people across the UK have voted us as the county's best gin.'

That being said, a bottle of the country's best gin will set you back a tidy £39.99.

Mason's Dry Yorkshire Gin and 58 Gin were amongst the runners up, incase you wanted to have your own blind taste test (we do).