You won’t believe how much Queen Elizabeth drinks every day

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  • Queen of the party.

    Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

    We’re betting that after that cringe-worthy ending to the Oscars 2017 – you know, the bit where La La Land was mistakenly announced as the Best Picture winner – Jordan Horowitz is going to be propped up at the Oscars bar for a while.

    And it would seem that Queen Elizabeth would be fully behind him if he did, and might even be joining him in spirit at some point this morning, as the saying ‘It’s 5pm somewhere’ could be a motto she firmly stands behind.

    According to Business Insider, the Queen’s drinking habits have been revealed and you won’t believe how many bevvies the 90-year-old can knock back every day.

    It turns out she’s partial to a cheeky gin and Dubonnet just before lunch (which, of course, would never include this one ingredient she has banned from her kitchen).

    During her midday meal she also reportedly has a glass of wine. We’d probably start feeling a bit squiffy by this point, but never one to let the team down, Queen Liz carries on and shows us all how it’s done by polishing off a dry Martini in the evening and dropping a flute of champagne before heading off to bed.

    What a lady.

    If you haven’t been totting up the units, this would mean that she’s supposedly racking up around 6 a day, or 42 units a week – which technically makes our Lizzie a binge drinker.

    However, the late Queen Mother gets the award for Biggest Royal Party Starter. Her taste for gin meant she allegedly used to sink around 70 units a week.

    Add a party-loving Prince Harry and that’s three guests for our dream dinner party sorted.

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