You can now officially eat avocados for a living

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  • This is not a drill. We repeat, this is not a drill.

    When updating your LinkedIn profile, you probably highlight your computer skills, management experience and aptitude for teamwork, but ‘lover of avocados’ might not have made it onto your bio.

    This it seems is where we are all going wrong.

    Apparently we should all be adding a little flare to our profiles if we want to bag the most desirable jobs. If you had mentioned your fondness for avo toast for example, you might well have been head-hunted for the new restaurant position of Avocado Taster.

    No, this is not a joke – it is actually possible to eat avocados for a living.

    If you’re thinking about a move to Australia and you have over two years’ experience ‘smashing avocados on toast or similar’, you might want to apply to pop-up restaurant, Good Fat.

    The restaurant, dedicated to the fruit, is looking to hire a new team member and the job description simply involves eating avocados.

    Named ‘Head of Avocados Controller’ – yes really – the job would involve sampling the restaurant’s 20 avocado dishes, ranging from smashed on toast to ice cream form (known as the Avocornetto).

    ‘Australia’s first avocado pop-up eatery is coming to Sydney and we’re looking for our city’s number one avocado aficionado to be our Head of Avo Control,’ the official job description read. ‘Good Fat opens its doors on 2 November for one month only, giving Sydney-siders the chance to indulge in edible gold (ahem… green…) while not breaking the bank.’

    ‘As Head of Avo Control you will taste test each of the 20 avocado dishes on the menu before Good Fat opens its doors to the public, guaranteeing an avo-licious experience for every customer.’

    In terms of job descriptions it doesn’t get much better, but if you want to be successful you’ll have to meet certain criteria.

    The successful candidate will need a minimum of two years experience preparing avocados, proven knowledge of checking an avocado ripeness and be available in the coming months.

    If you’ll excuse us we’re off to Australia.

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