Life hack alert: This is how to make an avocado ripen in only 10 minutes

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  • Rock-hard avocados, be gone!

    It’s an avocado recipe disaster; you’ve fancied it all day long, finally get home and set about whipping up your dinner, only to find that the avocado isn’t having any of it. It’s rock hard. No fresh and creamy avo here, ripeness is but a pipe dream for you.

    Complete nightmare, right? Well sob into your unripe avocado no more, because there’s now a brilliant food hack to solve the problem.

    Welcome to a world where your avocado is never too unripe to eat.

    The foodie hack comes from the folks at Purewow, and will see your hard as nails avo transformed into creamy ripeness in just 10 minutes. All you need is a baking sheet, some tin foil, your oven and the fridge.

    So, first thing’s first, wrap your whole avocado (don’t peel it) in tinfoil, and pop it on the baking sheet in the oven. Heat it up at 95°C for around 10 minutes, or until the avocado feels soft.

    Once the fruit is at peak ripeness, take it out of the oven and pop it in the fridge to cool down (you can remove the foil off for this). Et voila, soft and creamy avo is yours.

    What a time to be alive.

    While some hacks are simply the result of trial, error and eventual success, this one actually comes with scientific backing. The reason popping your avocado in the oven works, is because all avocados naturally produce ethylene gas – it’s what helps them to ripen.

    Normally, the gas is released slowly and steadily, which is why waiting for an avocado to ripen on it’s own can take days but by wrapping it in foil and popping it in the oven however, more gas surrounds the fruit and the ripening process goes into hyperdrive.

    Cue lovely ripe avocado every day of the week! Now go forth and tell all your avocado-loving mates.

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