ASDA launches marshmallow unicorn ice cream and it looks dreamy

It's a yes from us

asda unicorn ice cream

It's a yes from us

ASDA has been on fire lately with their offerings. From their Valentine's Day pink gin (which is great all year round, tbh), to their sausage dog homeware collection (if you get one thing, make it the 'woof' cushions), the supermarket has given us a load of stuff to make a pretty gloomy February that bit brighter.

So foodies, listen up - there's something magical happening in the dessert world that you're going to want to know about immediately.

ASDA is now launching a marshmallow-flavoured unicorn ice cream so you can really up your afters game. It just so happens that we can dig into this absolute treasure as we get ready for the hottest February days on record (apparently) - let's call it fate.

The ASDA Unicorn Ice Cream is a delicious blend of green strawberry and pink candy floss-flavoured ice cream with white and pink marshmallow-flavoured sauces. If that's not sweet enough, it's also topped with unicorn sprinkles.

You can buy your 900ml tub for just £2 either in store or online, so there's no excuse not to add it to your weekly shop. Who can resist multicoloured marshmallow-flavoured ice cream? Exactly.

It's worth noting, however, that - unsurprisingly - it's rather sugary, so take it easy with the portion sizes.

Jadie Troy-Pryde
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