On the hunt for the best plug in hybrid cars for 2023? I'm a car expert and these are my top picks

Sustainability made simple.

Best plug in hybrid cars for 2023: A woman standing with an electric car
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If you read our guide to the best electric cars, you'll know that here at Marie Claire UK, we're passionate about protecting the planet and investing in vehicles that cause less pollution.

Interested in a more sustainable vehicle but not ready to go full-bore electric just yet? There are other options available, like plug in hybrid cars, which are cars with a decent electric range alongside a petrol or diesel engine for longer trips. 

Why is it important we start investing more sensibly now and taking care of our planet? Well, because global warming is increasing at a rapid rate that even scientists didn't predict. Not only that but petrol and diesel cars will be banned from sale in the UK in 2030, asking consumers to seriously consider where they invest their money.

As a car expert and Editorial Director at AutoTrader UK, I know a thing or two about what makes a car good, taking into consideration its sustainability credentials, affordability, and how enjoyable it is to drive, too. For my edit of the eight best plug in hybrid cars for 2023, keep scrolling.

Best plug in hybrid cars 2023: 10 worth the investment, according to a car expert

1. Vauxhall Astra Hybrid-e

This revitalised hatchback is more distinctive than ever – with its sharp, all-new styling and a decent 43-mile electric range to accompany its combustion engine. 

Best for? If you want to keep running costs low amid rising living costs, the Astra Hybrid-e might be the one for you. Forget what you thought you knew about Vauxhall - it's revolutionised itself and is increasingly a highly sought-after brand.

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The Vauxhall Astra Hybrid-e, one of the best plug in hybrid cars for 2023

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2. Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid

It’s no surprise that the large Cayenne SUV (the Macan is smaller) is one of Porsche’s bestsellers. 

Best for? A blend of electric power and luxury sports performance, this athletic SUV offers hybrid technology, space for the whole family and ultimately, a lot of fun behind the wheel.

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Porsche plug in hybrid, one of the best plug in hybrid cars for 2023

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3. Peugeot 308 Hybrid

The Peugeot 308 Plug-in Hybrid is a strong contender in the popular mid-sized hatchback category, with a striking design and up to 37 miles of electric driving. 

Best for? Its satisfyingly smooth transition between petrol, electric and combined power makes it a fully tuned plug-in hybrid, packed with most of the latest safety technology as standard.

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Porsche Cayenne, one of the best plug-in hybrid cars for 2023

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4. BMW 330e

If you’re a fan of the 3-series, there’s a reliable plug-in hybrid version you might love even more, that also has its 41-mile battery-only driving range. This car proves that going "electrified" doesn’t mean boring - the XtraBoost is a fun, performance-boosting quirk of the BMW’s Sport driving mode settings, accelerating the combined petrol-electric power output for short bursts at a time.

Best for? Covering most owners’ commutes, the BMW 330e boasts features such as setting a guide percentage of battery you’d like to retain to maximise the most of its e-efficiency for EV-only zones in cities.

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One of the best plug in hybrid cars 2023

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5. VW Golf GTE

The VW Golf GTE is a convincing all-rounder, combining pacey GTI levels of power with low-emissions driving. The all-electric "e-mode" range is 38 miles which again, depending on your lifestyle, might suit you if you’re able to charge regularly and tend to stay within the 30+ mile range. 

Best for? Given its practical uses, decent-sized boot and strong offering of technology, it excels as an everyday compact hatchback.

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One of the best plug in hybrid cars 2023

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6. Kia Niro Hybrid

Given Kia’s reputation for producing dependable cars, supported by its seven-year warranty cover, the Niro offers peace of mind like no other. 

Best for? This mid-size SUV can operate effectively as an EV for up to 40 miles and seems to prioritise ride comfort in its package. Its distinctly striking exterior showcases a matt/gloss two-tone tiger nose grill and boomerang-style tail motif lights.

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One of the best plug in hybrid cars 2023

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7. Audi A3 TFSI e-tron

Audi’s premium and popular A3 has a plug-in hybrid version that is still as sporty and athletic looking as the petrol A3. 

Best for? Electric power is smooth and relaxed, but if you want a perk, you can choose the Dynamic drive select mode and it becomes a lot of fun. The loss of boot space, however, makes it ideal for those without kids.

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One of the best plug in hybrid cars 2023 from Audi

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8. McLaren Artura

The Artura supercar – despite being hybrid – remains faithful to all the things we love about the traditional McLaren, from its luxurious two-seater cabin to its outrageous design. It’s still light despite the addition of a battery, thanks to its carbon lightweight architecture, and it can confidently do 0-62mph in three seconds, with top speeds of 205mph. 

Best for? You can drive on pure electric for up to an official 19 miles, which doesn’t disrupt the pedal feel as it’s so smoothly integrated.

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One of the best plug in hybrid cars 2023

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