Tom Hiddleston Gucci campaign

Tom Hiddleston’s new Gucci shoot is everything you could ever wish for

The most mesmerizing campaign shoot you will ever see

Tom Hiddleston is many things to many people. Actor mostly, and potential new Bond, but Gucci saw something in Tom that many of us missed… Tom Hiddleston: Afghan Hound breed ambassador.

Tom stars* in Gucci’s new Cruise 2017 Men’s Tailoring campaign, in a series of grandiose portraits shot by Glen Luchford, set in the historic LA mansion owned by the late artist, set designer and ‘more is more’ aficionado, Tony Duquette.

*(Plays second fiddle to his Afghan Hound friends.)

The images show Tom Hiddleston looking luxurious in the new Gucci ready-to-wear collection, reclining on a green sofa, being whimsy on a brocade-lined bed and standing upright, gazing longingly into the distance.

We feel it necessary to describe Tom is situ, as the otherworldly hounds that appear with the actor are doing a bloody good job at making it all about them.

Here they are, silky and resplendent, in all their full-bodied glory. Bathe in their radiance, breathe it in and wish that you were Tom Hiddleston right now…



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