The Marie Claire Fashion Team’s London Fashion Week By Numbers

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  • Ever wondered how the MC team tackle fashion week head on? Here’s a little behind the scenes break down at how our fabulous fashion team pull it all off. Warning: it’s not all blow dries and cocktails.

    8: Is how many times we listened to Beyoncé’s album, which is pretty good going in four days. And, just so you know, Drunk in Love still sounds just as good. God bless our driver, Terry, who should be anointed by the fashion world as a saint after being forced to us singing along day after day..

    2: The amount of times we were mistaken for Yasmin Sewell. At least we like to think it was Yasmin Sewell. We felt rather special stepping out of the Mercedes and into a wall of paparazzi. That was, until the photographers swiftly realized we were no one of any note at all and quickly diverted their attention to the blogger with the pineapple on her head getting out of the car next to us. Oh well, was fun while it lasted.

    4: The amount of fights we had over who would use the phone charger in the car. What if, god forbid, Harry was going to be at Henry Holland again this year and our iPhones were flat. Not even worth considering; bring on three heated discussions, through gritted smiles, about whose Instagram feed should be prioritized.

    10: The number of times we saw a member from the Made In Chelsea cast. We’re not sure they officially count as celebrities, but that didn’t stop us trying to slyly pap Spencer through the throng of girls permanently surrounding him.

    3: The number of coffee stops we made in the car. Ok, so we’re trying to be ‘caffeine-free’ and whatnot in 2014, but newsflash, it is absolutely impossible to stick to any kind of New Year’s resolution during fashion week. A girl needs fuel for crying out loud. In between the heaps of free popcorn and the newly installed sweetie van at Somerset House, we still managed three coffee stops for much needed pick-me-ups.

    1: Roundabout trip in the car to Wah Nails to have a broken nail fixed. It was an emergency, we swear.

    28,500: Fashion miles traveled. That’s right, that’s how much ground the Mercedes covered this LFW alone. That’s around £7,300 worth of fuel. Phew!

    4: Selfies taken in the back of the car. How else do you know your hair’s in place before you hop out of the car and run off to another show?

    76: Roughly the number of shows we covered. Not all shows are at Somerset House, in fact, at least a third were off-site. Add into the mix, if you will, a pair of barely worn stilettos, a 7am wake up call and some skintight trousers and you’ll feel our pain. Yep, it’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it. Bring on next season!

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