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How to streamline your wardrobe so your style is always on point

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  • And how to make dressing easier

    Here at Marie Claire, we love embracing new trends like gingham and millennial pink, but it can be all too easy to end up with a wardrobe full of pieces that you won’t look at twice come next season.

    Instead, the key is to achieve a capsule collection of hero pieces that will never go out of style, with which you can mix more ephemeral pieces.

    Someone who has nailed this is fashion blogger and Wardrobe ICONS co-founder Laura Fantacci, whose style is the perfect mix of high and low fashion, and classic pieces with a twist. So we asked her how she streamlines her wardrobe, and how she keeps it organised.

    Sort through your wardrobe every six months

    Pick a time to actually de-clutter and systematically try to do it every season (I do mine in September for autumn/winter and in March for spring/summer). Then decide what you’re going to give another chance, and what’s not going to get another chance. But be quite ruthless the following year if you’ve given a second chance, because if you haven’t worn them there must be a reason behind it.

    Be brutal and realistic

    I put up a little foldable rail in my room, hang the clothes and go through every section and literately ask myself, ‘have I worn this? Do I want to wear this? Do I love this? Does this do anything for me?’ For my body shape, for my body shape, for my lifestyle because a lot of times in my case, I will pick up something that is beautiful, but it doesn’t fit my lifestyle anymore.

    And I think women tend to hoard these things becausethey have a sentimental value, but the reality of my life these days is I can’t wear heels everyday, I’ve got two kids, I’m running a business. So actually it’s the flat shoes that I should be keeping and I should be making more space for, as opposed to the beautiful heels I bought in the sample sale when I was 24. So asking yourself those four questions are really key.

    Buy clothes you’ll actually wear

    At the moment my wardrobe is 90% summery and it’s obviously an indication of how fond and keen I am of summer but it doesn’t reflect my real life. I live in the UK, so I need to buy more winter dresses. Have a think about where you live, what your lifestyle is, what clothes are going to make you feel and look great in your realistic life. Because the truth of the matter is that most of us are not going to a party every night, and you don’t need super dressy things, you need beautiful things that you want to wear everyday, that make you feel fantastic but with no effort.

    Invest in some classic, good quality pieces

    A top that feels a little bit special, whether it’s a peasant blouse with a bit of detail or embellishment, or something that feels effortless, but will instantly dress up a pair of jeans. Beautiful flat shoes, maybe with a feather slide, or it can be a pointy embellished little ballerina, and then potentially also some statement earrings – again you could be wearing a grey jumper and a pair of jeans but the moment you put a pair of beautiful dangly statement earrings it sort of instantly.

    And then a luxe coat that feels expensive and looks the part, because you’re wearing it most of the year and you give a very first good first impression when you’re wearing something that doesn’t look cheap.

    Organise your wardrobe by section

    I have all my long dresses in one section so that if I wake up in the morning wanting to wear a maxi, I can go straight to that section. I’ve also got a section for my day dresses and dressy dresses and then everything else is divided categories: trousers that sit along with skirts, and a section for shelves with all of my knitwear and t-shirts and jeans because it’s the sort of thing that want to look at in one go.

    And then I’ve got another section for blouses and shirts, they’re all hanging as I don’t fold those, and another section for coats and jackets. It means I can get ready super quickly in the morning.

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