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It’s undeniable that in recent years there’s been a transformation for women in sport. From the nation coming together to support the Lioness’ world cup winning ambitions to the launch of the women’s cricketing premier league, women are proudly taking up space in the sporting world, something that we’re proud to champion here at Marie Claire.   

But it’s not just on the field and courts we’re seeing this change as brands are also adjusting to make the sporting world a more accepting and accessible place for women. Case in point, Nike’s HER initiative, which ushers in a new era for both women and the brand, changing the narrative in how women take part in moving their bodies.

Nike Celebrates Boundless Expression

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Stretching from product innovation and increased product offerings, to the Nike Well Collective, a shift in the brands messaging which champions wellness and connection with the  body through sport, Nike have made major changes to ensure women are not only empowered to move their bodies but that the process is made easier too. Their newly launched product offering sees women’s needs put at the forefront to make working out as accessible as possible.

From their leak protection shorts, designed with an ultra-thin liner to be worn during your period, to their newly launched Fly Knit 2.20 sports bra, which comes in 30 sizes to suit all busts, we can’t help but wonder why this didn’t happen sooner. Plus, they also have a wide fit offering, including maternity and plus size pieces, all created using studies of real women bodies for expert fit and performance. 

Nike Goddess Awakened Show

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Alongside clothing designed with women's bodies in mind, Nike are also making moves to showcase women doing incredible things in the industry. At Paris Couture fashion week they put on the Goddess Awakened show featuring dancer Parris Goebel and a collective of inspiring sportswomen. The squad put on a performance interpreting Parris' journey as a women through varying forms of dance and sports. 

““Goddess Awakened” represents the next era for Nike Women, one where the brand is a platform for celebrating and empowering female creativity and self-expression through the lens of community,” says Liz Weldon, VP, Global Nike Women’s Brand Management. “We know that one of the greatest ways we can champion women is to open space for them to feel seen and included.” 

So, if you’re feeling inspired and ready to get moving, here’s our edit of the best pieces to buy on Nike right now. We can't wait to see what comes next. 

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