Go on – it’s Christmas!

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  • There's something magical about the festive season

    There’s something magical about the festive season that makes even the everyday and mundane seem special. Whether you’re sobbing over the latest John Lewis ad, or playing 888Ladies’ special Christmas game instead of your usual weekly bingo, it really is the most wonderful time of the year.

    Here we take a look at some of the normal, hum-drum things that take on an extra sparkle over Christmas:

    Most of us drink coffee fairly regularly, whether it’s a quick instant before heading to work or something frothy when catching up with friends. But over Christmas, it’s fair to say things get a little out of hand compared to the usual caffeine fix. We can’t wait for when the now-ubiquitous red Starbucks cups are released, and along with them all the special edition lattes. Maybe you don’t want to know how many calories are in that pumpkin spiced latte you’re warming your chilly fingers on, but hey – it’s Christmas! Plus those little gingerbread men having a nice dip in your toffee nut latte are to die for.

    Again, we’re all probably a little guilty of watching too much TV, bingeing on the latest season of Orange is the New Black or getting our fix of Strictly on a weekly basis. But like coffee, TV takes on a whole new dimension when Christmas rolls around. Whether it’s the Christmas specials that the whole family are looking forward to – like those from Dr Who or Downtown Abbey – or the big drama promised by the soaps, there’s something for everyone to get sucked into while digesting the Christmas turkey.

    Of course, Christmas is known as the period of indulgence. The diet starts in January, right? But it’s not just how much but what we’re eating that becomes special at this time. For example, you can get turkey at any time of year, but it’s only at Christmas that everyone rushes to buy one! Similarly, nuts are pretty big during this period (although they tend to sit in a bowl, forgotten about, until someone throws them away sometime in January). Let’s also not forget the seasonal sandwiches available from M&S, Waitrose and the rest. Brie and cranberry baguette, anyone?

    Friends and family
    We may see these people all year round, but during the run up to the end of the year the rush is on to make sure you spend some time with your nearest and dearest. Cue multiple phone calls with the same conversation – ‘oh we MUST meet up before Christmas!’ Whether it’s going for festive drinks or getting rosy cheeks over a brisk afternoon walk, this is truly the time of year to be spending with your loved ones.

    Who doesn’t dream of a white Christmas? Perfect to watch fall while you sit in front of a roaring fire, or for getting stuck in and building a snowman, snow and Christmas seem synonymous with each other – even though they rarely happen at the same time! Inconvenient at best during the rest of the year, and generally bringing public transport and other services to a complete stop, we crave snow on Christmas to make the day even more special and festive.

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