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The Ray-Ban sunglasses that will never go out of style

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    You probably know this already, but if not, here’s a little fashion factoid for you: Ray-Bans were first produced in the 30s to protect pilots (hence the aviator name) from the glare of sunshine at high altitude, and give them an alternative to goggles that would fog up and impair their vision.

    At the time, they had green lenses and plastic frames, which were later replaced by metal, and thus, in 1939, the Ray-Ban Aviator was born.

    The 1950s brought on another of cult classic, the Wafayrer. While during the war, it was all about utility, here it was all about glamour and frivolity, and everyone loved it.

    It soon became a hit, with film legends such as James Dean and Audrey Hepburn wearing theirs in style, and a few decades later, musicians like Bob Dylan, Madonna, Michael Jackson and Cindi Lauper followed suit.

    These days, the likes of Miranda Kerr, Beyonce, Jennifer Aniston, Rihanna and Olivia Palermo are rarely spotted without their shades, and males celebs such as Robert Pattinson, Tom Cruise and Jude Law can’t get enough of them either. That’s the beauty of unisex style.

    In fact, you’ll be hard-pressed to walk down the street without seeing at least one person wearing a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses, but you’d be mistaken in thinking it’s all about the Aviator and the Wayfarer.

    Ray-Ban has added many other styles to its classics, and there’s truly a little something for everyone.

    If retro is your thing, then the Clubmaster, with its half frame inspired by the 50s, is a timeless bet, though we are quite partial to the Jackie Ohh, a modern take on the style the former first lady used to wear.

    Obviously, you can’t go wrong with a flattering Cat eye design, but for something a little more current, try the round Ja-Jo or the New Wayfarer in gradient metallic.

    Shop our edit of the best Ray-Ban styles below, and for more choice, our guide to the best sunglasses for spring here.

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