How to dress Scandi style for absolutely any occasion

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  • Danish designer Stine Goya gives us the lowdown

    Scandi fashion has been having a moment for quite a while now, thanks to our love for all things Hygge. there’s still not  French style tips. Copenhagen Fashion Week has never been so popular, and wardrobes are filling up with covetable brands like Ganni, Acne Studios, Cecilie Copenhagen and Weekday.

    But while most people think the style is all about minimalism, Danish fashion designer Stine Goya explains it’s evolved a lot since then.

    ‘A few years ago, I would have explained it three words: calm, clean and simple. However, I believe it has changed a bit over the past few years. People are becoming more daring in the way they dress. They are more into colours and prints which of course enjoy very much,’ Stine says.

    ‘I now see that people are actually quite playful and confident with their style. Danish women are good at incorporating prints and colours into their personal style. You can easily see this when looking at street style images from fashion week, but also if you go for a walk here in Copenhagen,’ she adds.

    scandi style

    Stine Goya. Photo by Luca Rone

    With that in mind, we asked her how to nail Scandi style for each and every occasion.

    How is Scandi style different to the UK style?

    I don’t think it is that different, but I think UK style is a bit more urban and glamourous. I really admire the way a lot of people in the UK mix something very feminine with something cooler and edgier.

    scandi style

    Stine Goya. Photo by Luca Rone

    What would a Danish woman wear for an office party?

    She would wear something feminine and colourful. I love when people dare to dress in colours and stand out. Wearing colours lifts your mood and creates a positive atmosphere.

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    What would she wear for Christmas?

    A dress that makes her comfortable and happy so she is able to enjoy and relax. Of course, with a little bit of red.

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    How about a more casual day out?

    It can be anything – but always with a nice colour combination with either pink, red, peach or yellow.

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    What is the fashion advice you always give?

    Add more prints and colours into your wardrobe, and dare to stand out. It will create a positive reaction that will make you feel seen and happy.

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