This is the correct way to pronounce Primark (according to Primark)

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  • Primani, yah?

    So every now and again, the fashion savvy over at Twitter will tear themselves apart fighting over how to pronounce a fashion brand. It happened when the correct pronunciation for ASOS was announced and every now and again when people think a little too hard about couture designers like Givenchy or Loewe. People get really protective about their clothing, with others outraged over the revelation that River Island wasn’t always called River Island and the fact that Zara doesn’t actually mean anything at all.

    Primark’s been enjoying the positive attention recently, especially as they’ve just announced that they’ll be releasing a brand new Harry Potter collection spanning fashion and homewares. However that glowing halo took a dark turn as it became the next fashion brand in the firing lines of a pronunciation war on Twitter – so much so that they actually stepped in to set the record straight.

    It seems like there’s a few ways that people pronounce Primark, the two most popular being Pry-mark and the other Pree-mark. Of course, there’s a choice few who don’t play by the rules and go for full on Pri-mani. To you we say, carry on.

    After the arguments swept the social media platform, Primark finally updated their FAQ section on their website with a very special page titled ‘How do you pronounce Primark?

    While they didn’t discriminate against other Primark pronunciations, they wrote politely, ‘That’s a very good question. We like to use Pr-Eye-Mark.’

    You’ve had a good run, Preemarkers.

    Now pack your boxes and hand in your Pr-Eye-Mark gift cards on your way out.

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