9 Things Every Aspiring Fashionista Needs To Know At Fashion Week

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  • What really happens at fashion week?

    If all the buzz around fashion month has got you excited and keen to try out London Fashion Week next season, this is everything you need to know. Start your prepping and planning now.

    1.  Start The Show…

    There is roughly a 15-minute window of how late each show will run. If you’re any later than that, you’ve missed it. If you don’t know who Anna Wintour or Natalie Massenet (founder of Net-A-Porter and the new chair of the BFC) are, where have you been? Get to know them. When you spot these two in the building, you know the show is about to start.

    2. But Those In The Know Always Get To The Topshop Space Early…

    You can count on the lovely team at the Topshop show venue, the Tate Modern, to put on a good spread. And by good, we are talking delicious: fresh Juices, butternut squash soup, finished off with chocolate brownie. Erm, go on then.
    3. Get Bums On Seats…

    So you’ve ignored rule no.1 and you’re running late, you really needed that Chai Tea Soya Latte from Starbucks, we get it, but don’t think that your seat will be empty and waiting for you. With London, compared to New York, Milan and Paris, it’s very much each girl for themselves. If you’re not sitting in your seat you can bet someone else will be.
    4. So What Did You Think?

    Wondering what us fashion folk really thought of the show? Don’t bother asking just look at Instagram. We counted 19 iPhones on the Anya Hindmarch frow, frantically all ‘gramming the hell out of the fantastic show. So, if no one was taking pictures, there’s your evidence: the fash pack thought it was ‘meh’. Eek.
    5. Be Nice To People.

    Sounds obvious but it’s true. Fashion is a small industry and people talk. The Tom’s Kitchen barista, the fashion bus driver and the show security should all be your new best friends.
    6. Walk the Walk At Somerset House…

    But just remember to keep your ears open at all times. Somerset House is still open to the public and so while it’s all fashion, fashion, fashion to us, there are also still the regular exhibitions going on. So you will often find arty types walking around and wondering aloud ‘why are all these badly dressed people here’ We hear ya! This makes us LOL every time, so we then dutifully retweet it – #Overheard. Boom!
    7. Say No To Peacocking.

    Peacocking = dressing for attention. The best street style snaps aren’t when you are hanging around pretending to make a phone call or nonchalantly resting on the railings outside Claridges. No, it will be when people least expect it and they are dashing from show to show.
    8. Learn The Official Street Style Code.

    If someone asks to take your picture, yes, you’re probably looking mighty fine, but stop and question who they are first. If it’s Scott Schuman or Tommy Ton, fine go right ahead, then you’re allowed to be giddy. But if it’s a student from a university out in the burbs, calm down dear. Plus, sometimes, ok most of the time, the stylish fashionistas won’t be getting papped at all. Wearing head-to-toe black designer threads doesn’t make a interesting picture you see. But believe us the rest of the FROW will be wishing they had the same idea. 
    9. It’s All About A Flat.

    Somerset House and heels don’t mix. There’s nothing elegant about hobbling around, unlike the celebs, the rest of us don’t have our bodyguards to help us navigate the tricky cobbles. Any fashionista worth her salt knows the way forward is with flats. If you want to be bang on trend it was pool sliders and socks all the way, failing that we spotted a lot of skate style trainers on the fash pack.
    Here are all the most gorgeous street style photos from Milan Fashion Week.

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