Inside our Editors Wardrobe's: The Marie Claire Edit's Jenny Proudfoot

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We (virtually) sat down with The Edit's Jenny Proudfoot: Digital Features Editor and our resident literary review (don't miss Jenny's monthly reading lists over on the Edit's Instagram) discuss the best bargains she's found, the most nostalgic pieces in her wardrobe and what she's most looking forward to wearing post-lock down....

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What's the newest piece in your wardrobe?

A pair of Givenchy ankle boots. I can’t bear to take them outside yet so I’ve just been wearing them inside my house for meetings, and I am literally buying a mint green linen spaghetti strap mini dress from & Other Stories for my holiday to Antigua as we speak. I’m planning on living in it until the very end of summer with shell jewellery and my Superga espadrille platforms.

What's the oldest piece in your wardrobe?

A retro navy blue and white polkadot shirt from Friends of the Earth that my mum gave me from her old wardrobe - it’s such a statement piece complete with huge sewn-in shoulder pads. Of all the clothes I own, this is the one I get the most compliments on and I take great pride in telling people, in my best Mean Girls impression, ‘It was my mum’s in the eighties'.

What's the biggest bargain you've stumbled across?

I was browsing vintage shops in downtown Seattle when I was 16 and came across a limited edition vintage green Diane Von Furstenberg silk midi dress in a bargain bin. I didn’t know a great deal about fashion at this point but I was reading the Gossip Girl books at the time (yes, I was READING Gossip Girl - I feel ancient) and Cecily von Ziegesar used to reference DVF on the regular. It wasn’t my style at the time but I bought it for my older self. It was some of the best money I’ve ever spent.

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What was the biggest waste of money?

I once bought a pair of Jimmy Choo raffia heels in a sample sale that were a size and a half too big. It was my first designer sample sale, I had sacrificed a lie-in to go before work and I just fell in love with them. I was determined to come away with a Jimmy Choo purchase and I wasn’t going to let the fact that I would never be able to wear them stop me. It was only when I got home and was counting my pennies for supper that I realised I had made a mistake. I still eyeball them angrily whenever I’m skint, but you live and you learn. Years later, I was at a Manolo Blahnik sample sale and there were zero size 5 shoes (the woes of being sample size). I went to repeat my mistake and buy a pair that were far too small, but I remembered my Jimmy Choo raffias and decided to wait and spend the money on something I could actually wear. That’s growth.

What item could you never bear to get rid of?

I mark personal milestones with accessories so those items become very special to me. I have marked every break up, promotion, pay rise, moment of strength etc. with a piece of gold Missoma jewellery and those for me are extremely symbolic. The commemorative item I really couldn’t bear to get rid of though is my Gucci Soho leather Disco bag. I had wanted it for years and bought it for myself when I was made Features Editor (my dream job) to celebrate the milestone. Becoming an Editor and buying myself my dream handbag in the same day was such a girl power moment so the bag holds a lot of sentimental value.

What are your three favourite pieces?

I absolutely love my Needle and Thread Dragonfly dress. It is the most exquisitely beautiful embroidered dress - just like all of Hannah Coffin’s stunning designs. It was one of the first designer pieces I got in my career and it took away all of the intimidation of having to dress for A-list events and awards ceremonies - something that comes with the job and can be quite daunting early on. It fits perfectly and made me look (and feel) like an Editor, so I associate it with feeling incredible and confident. That will always be a favourite piece.My all time favourite piece is my Gucci Soho Disco bag for the sentimental value - it’s a reminder of everything I’ve accomplished and so I feel immensely proud whenever I see it in my wardrobe. I even named her - she’s called Gigi - and my friends all came over to meet her on day one, so it’s an undeniable frontrunner.And thirdly, it has to be my Shrimps Antonia faux-Pearl embellished bag. It was a gift from one of my favourite journo gals and it’s just so fabulously extra, I feel like royalty when I wear it. Although, I do sometimes worry that I’m a mugging target carrying it through London after dark - a stand-out bag made entirely of pearls that doesn’t close.

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What's the most practical item in your wardrobe?

Probably my Stan Smiths - I have them in all shades and textures because they go with everything and as a journalist I’m one of the lucky ones who can wear trainers to work pretty much every day. So, whether I’m accessorising them with a beaut Rixo dress to attend a bougie event, a Sandro leather mini and a Misha Nonoo blazer to conduct A-list press junket interviews or my Levi ‘mom’ jeans to help with shoots or frequent the office, you will most likely find me in Adidas trainers.

What's the most outrageous item in your wardrobe?

A vintage yellow tartan pencil skirt by Escada. It used to be my mum’s and I instantly fell in love with it for its serious Cher Horowitz vibes. I’ve only managed to wear it once though unfortunately - it is the loudest piece of clothing I have ever seen and when I wore it, not a single person commented on it all day. This as we all know is a scarring enough experience to never wear it again. I also have a particularly outrageous giant wicker basket bag with big yellow wicker lemons and green leaves hanging off it that I once got sent in the post by an anonymous gifter. I would love to know who sent it because I owe them a ginormous hug - unlike my Escada pencil skirt, everyone comments on my lemon basket, even strangers on the street.

What are you currently saving for?

I am desperate to get my hands on a Hayley Menzies Gladys Intarsia navy cardi with knitted flowers - I have dreamy visions of wearing it this autumn at fashion week with some faded blue Levi’s, a white cotton poplin Ganni shirt with a statement collar and a massive Lele Sadoughi headband. I also have my eye on a pair of Arizona shearling sheepskin Birkenstocks - they’re all over my Instagram feed and my money-saving willpower is wavering with every targeted ad I see. 

Where do you shop the most?

Zara, Mango, & Other Stories, Sezanne, Levi’s, Sandro, Lele Sadoughi, Ganni and Rixo.

What item do you love, which everyone hates?

I wouldn’t go as far as ‘hate’, but people are definitely ‘amused’ by my giant headbands. I’m rarely seen without a headband and while I usually stick to Lele Sadoughi and Zara, one of my favourites is a pink velvet high street Prada dupe that is about three inches thick. I think it’s utterly fabulous and it’s so ginormous that it makes me look extremely petite, but I do get a lot of double takes and Anne Boleyn jokes thrown my way - especially from my friends who don’t work in fashion. I once wore it on a date and it was definitely the elephant in the room. Haters are always gonna hate.

What are you most excited about wearing in your life post-lockdown?

An evening dress for a bougie event. I love the process of dressing up and accessorising for a glamorous occasion and I take great pride in my extensive collection of dresses. Whether it’s a stunning Needle and Thread Aurora gown accessorised with a Lele Sadoughi pearl headband or a Rixo midi teamed with a matching scrunchie, I’m counting down the days till I have an excuse to wear them.

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Sarah-Rose Harrison

Sarah-Rose Harrison is the Contributing Fashion Editor at Marie Claire. A London based Fashion and Celebrity Stylist she works across commercial, editorial and advertorial projects as well as personal and red carpet styling. Don't miss her outfit's on Instagram @sarahroseharrison