Heidi Klum’s 2018 Halloween costume might be her best yet

All hail the Queen of Halloween!

This week saw Halloween 2018, and we all know what that means – pumpkin carving, apple bobbing and a lot of small children knocking on your door demanding sweets.

But the holiday is most known for the fancy dress, with our Instagram feeds filled with Halloween make up tutorials and friends dressed as some form of road kill.

But anyone who loves the October date will know that there’s only one Queen of Halloween – supermodel, Heidi Klum. There is literally no end to her Halloween costume ideas.

‘I love dressing up – Halloween is my favourite holiday,’ Heidi told Marie Claire Junior News Editor Jenny Proudfoot. ‘Halloween is my favourite holiday.’

‘In Germany we have a carnival, it’s not about doing something scary – It’s just about dressing up’, she explained – a tradition that she has upheld, holding a huge red carpet every year, with her choice of costume being a big annual reveal.

She’s been Jessica Rabbit, an old woman, the werewolf from Michael Jackson’s Thriller music video, a Hindu goddess and of course an insect. But which has been her favourite?

‘My favourite costume that I have ever worn was when I turned myself into a 95 year old,’ Heidi went on to explain to us. ‘I had just turned 40 and people were giving me stick about getting older. So I thought “alright, I can show you old!”‘

But what did the Queen of Halloween appear as this year?

Princess Fiona.

Yes, Heidi ogred up this year, sharing her transformation on Instagram.

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And Princess Fiona..

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The finished look:

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But how does it compare to Heidi’s past costumes? Here are some of Heidi’s past costume choices…

Heidi Klum’s Halloween costumes

2017: The werewolf from Thriller

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Happy Halloween!!!! 🖤🎃🕷💀🦇👻

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2016: Heidi Klum dopplegangers

2015: Jessica Rabbit

2014: A Butterfly

2013: A 95-year-old

2012: Cleopatra

2011: A skinless body

2010: A transformer

2009: A crow

2008: A Hindu goddess

2007:  A sexy cat

2006: Forbidden Fruit

Feeling nostalgic, anyone?

We officially cannot wait to find out.

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