It’s who you are – why not celebrate it?

Feeling comfortable in your skin is the ultimate in self-acceptance. Find your perfect fit with Fantasie Lingerie

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‘Self-acceptance is when you stop worrying about what others think of you.’

Wise words (thank you, Lauren McDermott @huntersandheels). But with barely a week that goes by without some report on the state of women’s body image and self-esteem (and let’s face it, ever-present social media and the carefully curated lives it presents can set a standard that feels impossible to live up to at times), isn’t that easier said than done?

In fact, more than half the women in a recent independent survey*, said they felt more confident in their body and appearance at 45-plus than they did when they were younger. That’s because there comes a point in every woman’s life – whether at 27 or 54 – when we come to not only accept but truly like ourselves for who we are.

It’s an approach lingerie brand Fantasie has always championed. With a reputation for creating great fitting lingerie that fits as good as it feels, it understands that true body confidence isn’t about what you look like, but the empowerment that comes from feeling comfortable and confident in your skin. That’s why their new-season campaign puts Lauren and four other prominent female influencers front and centre to share and celebrate what they’ve learnt on their paths to self-acceptance.

One thing that’s clear is that we’re all works in progress. There is no ‘right’ way or ‘wrong’ way and understanding that is one more step on the journey. As stylist Karen Williams points out: ‘I’d like to say I do fully know myself, but like most women I’m learning all the time.’

Hear, hear!

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Never, ever underestimate the power of great underwear when it comes to helping you look and feel your best. At Fantasie, that means bras that come in a full range of styles for a full range of body shapes that don’t just look good but provide a perfect fit for that extra edge of confidence

Lauren McDermott @huntersandheels

Fantasie , Ana, Padded Half Cup Bra in blush, £42

‘Getting measured has changed the way I see underwear. I love the Ana bra because of its blush pink lace. It makes everyday a bit more special.”

Karen Williams, stylist @karenwilliamstylist

Fantasie, Frances, Side Support Bra in black, £36

‘Frances has got a fantastic fit. You’ve got the underwire but then a pretty lace detail at the top. If you’re wearing a little wrap top or something quite low, it looks really cute and sexy.’

Don’t forget illusion in French Navy

If you’re looking for a bra that blends everyday comfort with beautiful design, you’ll love Illusion. Available in the UW Side Support Bra, the Brief and the High Waist Brief, every detail of the collection has been designed with you in mind.

Fantasie, Illusion, Side Support Bra in French Navy, £32

Find out more about the ‘It’s Who I Am’ campaign and shop the new collection at

* The Midster Report 2017 N Brown Group plc


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