This is how much Christine's wedding dress on Selling Sunset cost

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No one can deny the magical allure of Netflix's Selling Sunset, whether you're into lavish $75m LA mansions (I mean, who needs 10 bathrooms for 7 bedrooms?), or good ol' fashion drama (who doesn't love a bust up at a wedding?). If you loved the first two seasons, then you've probably already binge watched and loved season three, because it was bigger and bolder.

If you haven't yet, then do stop reading now, as it contains one big spoiler... though to be fair you already knew Christine was engaged, as she came back after season 1, having bagged herself a massive sparkler and millionaire fiancé, 41-year-old Christian Richard, a retired software engineer.

Whether she would go through with it or not was another matter, but that she did, and in lavish style of course. Christine is never one to do things the conventional way (as you will know from her 'botox and burgers' listing party), and her wedding was no exception.

Who needs a traditional white wedding dress when you can have a black gothic princess one to go with your winter wonderland themed wedding? The 31-year-old picked a glittering black ballgown, as well as a slinkier number for the wedding reception.

The bride gave herself a challenge, because she wanted everything done in two months, which is nigh on impossible in the wedding world. Her event planner Lisa Lafferty, who also was in charge of her engagement party, told Oprah magazine that designers such as Vera Wang said that creating a whole dress from scratch was unimaginable.

Side note: Khloe Kardashian did wear Vera Wang for her wedding to Lamar Odom, just a month after the couple met, however the dress was 'off the rack' meaning it needed minimal alterations.

Lafferty told the magazine, 'Designers like Vera Wang said, 'That's not going to happen. There's no way you can get this kind of dress made in two month"'.

Christine went on to design her two dresses with the help of Galia Lahav. She tried her main wedding dress on in a classic white colour, but decided it would work best if it was made entirely of black tulle and sequins, while her evening gown was a mermaid style strapless gown in the same fabric. 'She's always stood out. She wanted to be an individual, and not go to the standard white wedding dress,' Lafferty said.

So how much did both designs cost? Lafferty told that the two combined cost around $50,000 (about £38k), which is nothing really, compared to the overall wedding, which she said was estimated to be around $1m ('The budget’s love', Christine told Lafferty, and you can't put a price tag on love, can you?).

The bleeding wedding cake is said to have cost $15,000 (£11,500), then there was the lavish feast, which included truffles and steak, the drinks, which included smoking black champagne, live swans, fake snow, smoke machines, flowers and everything else in between.

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