Chiara Ferragni on her sunglasses collection, the key to success and post-pandemic fashion

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  • If, like us, you’ve been patiently waiting for the sun to return and the hope of Spring and some normalcy come summer then you’ll be thrilled to learn that Sunglass Hut and Chiara Ferragni have teamed up to collaborate on an exciting and super stylish collection.

    Designed to brighten up your day this stylish collection is bolder and more colourful than ever before. Expect a contemporary new take on the classic cat eye frame and sharply angled rectangular styles juxtaposed with soft rounded edges. Perfectly reflecting Chiara’s coveted cool aesthetic.

    We (virtually) caught up with the designer to exclusively hear about her love of eyewear, how motherhood hasn’t changed her playful approach to style and how she thinks the pandemic will impact the world of fashion….

    Congratulations on the collaboration! Can you tell us what inspired these playful designs?

    “I’ve always loved sunglasses so being able to finally design my own collection has been a dream. No matter what you wear, sunglasses will always make you look and feel better – that’s what I wanted to create for others. I wanted the collection to be affordable, accessible, and work for every single face shape.”

    What makes this collection so unique?

    “It was very important to me that all the pieces in this collection were wearable and also super fun and unique. The BOLD EYE elongated rectangle style is available in black for a more classic go-to look, as well as a louder florescent green and funky sparkly silver. The COOL EYE versatile cat eye style comes in fun colours like black, sparkly pink, hot pink, and bright blue. Both frame styles deliver a city-flair with an edgy, yet classic look.”

    How do you think sunglasses elevate your personal look?

    “Like so many fashion lovers, I look to accessories to boost the overall appearance of my ensembles. I’m constantly looking for the perfect pair of sunglasses and these frames do just that. I feel comfortable yet sophisticated wearing them, I also love that there are a variety of colourways to choose from. So there’s something for each and every occasion.”

    If you had to describe your collection in just three words, what would they be?

    “Colourful, fun and accessible.”

    Has pregnancy changed the way you dress?

    “I would love to take advantage of this question to say something I really believe in: pregnancy doesn’t change the way you are or feel as a woman. It is true that as soon as the delivery time approaches, you search for more comfortable clothes and choose larger sizes but that’s it! For me this message is so important: pregnancy, age, body shape cannot represent a limit for women. We need to feel able and free to express ourselves, no matter our size, no matter our age, no matter if we are single, married or a mother.”

    You’ve gone beyond influencing to design your own fashion line and create your own business. What’s the key to your success?

    “I’ve always believed in myself and in what I was feeling since the beginning of my career. Even if people were very negative about the changes in the fashion world, I felt that I was pursuing the right path for my future career. I always say work hard and never stop, it always pays off. Moreover it’s very important to have a great team and professional people around you not only to share new ideas but also to think about how to elevate you and your business to the next level.”

    How do you think the pandemic has impacted the fashion world?

    “I think with the pandemic people are more relaxed and embracing their true style with a level of comfort and unique flare. Even if you’re wearing different clothing and accessories than your usual going out or work style I believe a pop of colour is still a must have – even if just for a Zoom. I also believe that when this ends people are going to want to dress up and show off their new look like never before.”


    Shop Chiara Ferragni’s collection exclusively available at The Sunglass Hut from March 8th.


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