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16 insane walk in closets that would make Carrie proud

SO pretty

Remember when Carrie Bradshaw told Big she’d rather he got her a huge closet rather than an engagement ring? And then surprised her with the most gorgeous, all-white wardrobe? We actually cried, it was so beautiful.

But it turns out, there are even more insanely gorgeous walk-ins out there, trust us, we did the research (who doesn’t love a bit of property porn?).

And the best bit? These babies exist IRL…

1. You’ve got to admire someone who respects shoes so much, they’ve displayed them in a glass case. And that chandelier!

Photo/Zillow Digs

2. This one even has a little reading corner in case sorting through all your fabulous clothes gets too much.


3. We love a good mix of patterns, which is why this closet ticks all the right boxes.


4. We wouldn’t have thought to put leopard-print carpet in our wardrobe, but it really works.

walk in closet

Photo/Nicole Gerulat

5. Bold and colourful, just like the clothes.

walk in closet

Photo/Timeless Memories Studios

6. Art deco fabulousness. Everyone needs a crushed velvet ottoman in their life.

walk in closet


7. Got a spare room? Just turn it into a closet like this one. Bonus points for storing shoes in the fireplace.

walk in closet


8. Quite minimalist but we like it.

walk in closet


9. If you’re into your moody vibes, then this is for you.

walk in closet

Photo/Atlanta Homes

10. So. Many. Shoes.

walk in closet

Photo/Pink Peonies

11. If you like the ornate Parisian design that can be seen at the Ritz, then you’ll love this.

walk in closet

Photo/Sherry Hayslip Interiors

12. We’ll take that sky view also.

walk in closet

Photo/Echo Brickell

13. Why not combine office and wardrobe in one big, fabulous place?

walk in closet

Photo/Catherine Kwong Designs

14. Add pops of colour to your walk-in closet with fun wall art.

walk in closet

Photo/The Chriselle Factor

15. Go big or go home, right?

walk in closet

Photo/Red Rock Contractors

16. We’re seriously in love with this cosy space.

walk in closet

Photo/The Blonde Salad

Right, now all we need to do is just save up a load of money to a) afford one of these houses with an insanely huge closet, and b) fill said closet with designer clothes.

Simple, right?

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