Victoria's Secret models are all wearing the wrong bra size, and so are you (probably)

We're off for a bra fitting.

We're off for a bra fitting.

Words by Rebecca Fearn.

It's a commonly-known fact that a huge amount of women are actually wearing the wrong sized bra (80%, in fact). But a recent campaign by Victoria's Secret revealed even top models can get it wrong when it comes to their sizings.

For #LetsTalkBraFit, supermodel Romee Strijd visited Victoria’s Secret New Bond Street, joining Victoria’s Secret Bra Fit Experts to help women find their best fitting bra. She also invited us to test the service, and it turns out we were wearing the wrong size too.

But we were in good company, as Romee told us she too was victim to the wrong size for years, though she is now thankfully quite the pro when it comes to lingerie.

She told us, 'Our bodies change all the time so you're meant to do a fitting every six months, but I hadn't done it in years!'

Her fellow angels Barbara Palvin, Alexina Graham, Josephine Skriver and and Lais Ribeiro also all filmed a video that shows them being fitted for new bras. And guess what? They were actually all wearing the wrong sized bras.

Each model tells the camera at the beginning what size they think they are and what they are currently wearing. Alexina says 32B, Josephine 32C and Barbara 32B. Lais admits she is unsure as she's never had a fitting.

The experts then examine their current bras and take measurements. From underwires incorrectly laying flat under the breasts to cups digging in at the top and 'spillage' on the sides, the experts found plenty of issues with the women's current bras.

The women's new measurements are revealed at the end of the video, and they have all changed. Alexina went up from a 32B to a 32D, Josephine from a 32C to a 32D, Barbara from a 32B to a 32C, and Lais was advised to wear a 32DD.

A gentle reminder to get fitted regularly to ensure you're getting the right daily support.

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