The Best Biopic Transformations, Ever

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  • Celebrities playing other well-known people: we give you the best biopic makeovers in the history of film.

    Human beings are endlessly fascinating, and biopics are a great way of letting us appreciate this, with popcorn.

    Biographical films that tell the real life stories of cultural leaders, musicians, artists, actors and other movers and tastemakers are, as a rule, totally gripping.

    It’s a straightforward formula for utterly compelling watching: real stories that happened to real people, reenacted by our favourite celebrities.

    Cue 90 minutes of flawless impersonating.

    OK, sometimes it’s not flawless.

    But when they’re good they’re really good. Sometimes the actors tasked with taking on the identity of other well-known people achieve an uncanny likeness. And the resulting films are a remarkable tribute to the person who inspired them – see Eddie Redmayne’s Oscar-winning turn as Stephen Hawking.

    In recent years there’s seems to have been a flood of brilliant biopics and everyone who’s anyone in Hollywood is taking on the challenge. Both Jennifer Lawrence and Michael Fassbender were recognised at this year’s Academy Awards for the roles they took on in the retelling of real-life stories.

    And recently, the star-studded cast of The People v OJ Simpson: American Crime Story (Selma Blair, David Schwimmer, John Travolta and Cuba Gooding Jnr.) have been making waves for their portrayls of the key players in that notorious murder investigation.

    And now Emma Stone is set to star in Letters from Rosemary, which will tell the story of Rose Marie “Rosemary” Kennedy, the eldest sister of President John F. Kennedy.

    Rosemary was kept secret from a young age, hidden away from the world, as she exhibited behavioral issues and intellectual disabilities. At 23 she was forced to undergo a pre-fontal lobotomy, intended to improve her developmental disabilities.

    However, the procedure went badly wrong and left her with the mental capacities of a toddler, unable to live independently.

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