She Said: From release date and cast to the #MeToo storyline based on the Harvey Weinstein sexual misconduct claims

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Carey Mulligan in She Said
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The She Said trailer recently dropped, and it has already garnered a lot of attention online.

Some may think the film sounds familiar, and that’s because it is based on the book of the same name by The New York Times journalists Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey.

The storyline is based on the #MeToo movement, and how the two journalists published a report exposing sexual abuse allegations made against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein

If you want to know more about She Said, including the release date, cast, and details of the plot, take a look...

When will She Said be released?

It has been confirmed She Said will hit the big screens on 25th November 2022 in the UK, so it’s just over one month to wait. 

However, the book of the same name was released in 2019. 

Who stars in She Said?

She Said features an impressive cast which includes big names in the movie business as well as survivors of assault. 

Ashley Judd spoke on the record as part of The New York Times’ exposé on Weinstein detailing what she had suffered in 1996 at the Peninsula hotel. 

Not only does her ordeal feature in the film, but Ashley herself stars in the upcoming movie as she portrays herself.

Another Weinstein accuser, Sarah Ann Masse, who has spoken out about being sexually assaulted when she babysat for the former film producer’s children, also stars in She Said

However, Sarah’s suffering is not explored in the film, she has been cast in the production and plays the role of business reporter Emily Steel. 

Sarah launched the Hire Survivors Hollywood Initiative to “end career retaliation against survivors of sexual violence in Hollywood by encouraging those in positions of power to pledge to Hire Survivors and Silence Breakers”, it states on the website. 

However, Sarah was surprised when she got the call to star in the film. 

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, she said: “I actually spoke to a couple of people at the company and they were receptive to it, but then I didn’t know what would happen. 

"Several months later, a lot of us got a call that we had an audition for this film. I didn’t expect to get an audition, I just hoped that they would include some survivors. So I was obviously thrilled and auditioned for the part and got it.”

Carey Mulligan will take on the role as journalist Megan Twohey, while Zoe Kazan will star as fellow journalist Jodi Kantor.

Patricia Clarkson will star as Rebecca Corbett, Andre Braugher as Dean Baquet, Jennifer Ehle as Laura Madden, Adam Shapiro as Ron Lieber, Mike Houston as Harvey Weinstein, and many more.

What is the storyline? 

She Said depicts the sexual abuse claims made against Harvey Weinstein, which are uncovered by two of The New York Times journalists, Megan Twohey and Zoe Kazan. 

Megan and Zoe delve into the claims and uncover more victims who suffered at the hands of the former film producer. 

The exposé was written in 2017 and details three decades of allegations made against Weinstein, which include those from Rose McGowan and Ashley Judd. 

These allegations sparked the #MeToo movement which encouraged other people to speak out about their experiences. 

It also resulted in Weinstein being sentenced to 23 years in prison. 

In 2019, Megan and Zoe released a tell-all book following their article in The New York Times, which details the lengths they went to to uncover these stories, some struggles faced to get victims to speak out and report on Weinstein’s misconduct.

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