This is how Love Island secret messages are passed around the cast

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  • Well, they'll need a new secret system now.

    Finding a moment of privacy on Love Island 2018 seems to be practically impossible, but according to two former Islanders – the cast has devised a sneaky way around the microphones and cameras. It doesn’t quite veer into smoke signals and Morse code territory though, as this year’s Zara McDermott and Adam Collard revealed it was a little more techie than that.

    It turns out that he and Zara communicated using their phones, after they’d settled down to sleep and pulled the covers over their heads.

    Adam told OK! Magazine, ‘We used to write messages to each other when we were in bed so other people couldn’t hear what we were saying. We deleted our messages but the producers told me that they still have them all.’

    According to Love Island rules, Islanders are allowed to have phones. However, they’ve been modified so that they don’t have access to internet or their social media apps (although some get friends and family to manage their Instagram accounts while they’re on the programme). They can however text or call other contestants or the show, chat with producers and use the camera function on the phone.

    love island secret messages


    Zara also later revealed that the producers had a hand in orchestrating some of the biggest moments on the show, right down to when in the day they happen.

    She said, ‘[The producers] never interfere but sometimes they encourage you to have certain conversations. Like, if Adam had pissed me off they might suggest I speak to him about it – they want us to voice how we feel.’

    love island secret messages


    Adam added, ‘If they find out someone is going to ask their partner to be their girlfriend or say ‘I love you’, they’ll encourage them to wait until the evening to do it. They like big moments to happen in the evening when everyone is dressed up nicely.’

    And the producers really want to viewers to be in on every single moment. Given that Adam and Zara’s deleted messages plan isn’t entirely foolproof if they’re saving their messages, you’d think they would resort to pen and paper and go old school. You’d be wrong however, as it turns out that’s not even an option – stationery is totally banned from the villa.

    Well, we guess romantic love letters are off the cards then.

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