Love Actually script writer shuts down this popular fan theory

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    It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas is upon us, and as we count down the days to 25th December you’ll probably find yourself screeching Mariah Carey at the office Christmas party, opening the doors of your beauty advent calendars, or falling asleep on the sofa with a mince pie stuck to your face.

    But the best part has got to be huddling around the telly and watching all of the Harry Potter movies (because a snowy Hogsmeade is the one), the EastEnders Christmas special (even if you don’t watch it for the other 364 days of the year, it’s TV gold) and – of course – Love Actually.

    The film is a festive classic – whether you think Andrew Lincoln’s cue cards are cute or creepy. So considering that you’ve probably already seen it approximately 249 times already, you’ll have heard some of the best fan theories. Like the one about Prime Minister David (Hugh Grant) and Natalie (Martine Mccutcheon).

    In case you haven’t, it goes like this.

    Love Actually sequel

    When David catches the US President making a move on Natalie, he asks his chief of staff, Annie, to have her ‘redistributed’. Natalie then sends David a Christmas card telling him that she is ‘his’, and luckily it’s selected as part of a ‘random sample’ of well wishes from the public and given to David to read.

    However, some have speculated that Annie put Natalie’s card in the pile on purpose.

    When asked whether Annie knew there was something going on between David and Natalie, script writer Emma Freud said: ‘Wow, I love that!

    ‘I’ve never heard that or even thought of it. I was the one who wrote the post-it saying, ‘A random sample’, so I always thought it was me who chose that Christmas card.’

    Apparently, it was ‘certainly not in Richard Curtis’s mind’ that David and Natalie could have been set up by Annie.

    However, the fact that Natalie’s card did land on David’s desk is a HUGE coincidence. So we’re sticking to the theory.

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