Watch Jennifer Aniston’s hilarious prank on Justin Theroux with Jimmy Kimmel

I see you riding round town...

justin theroux prank
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I see you riding round town...

Jimmy Kimmel is back at it again with the car pranks, only this time he’s enlisted the help of Jennifer Aniston. While her husband Justin Theroux was on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to promote his HBO show The Leftovers, Jimmy revealed that he and the Friends star had given the actor’s Mercedes-Benz a little makeover.

The late night host and Jennifer Aniston worked together to forge a recall notice for Justin’s car, which was taken in for ‘repairs’ while he was away in Texas. However live on air, Jimmy revealed it was all part of an elaborate plot to help Theroux’s Emmy chances.

‘Your wife Jennifer Aniston helped me out...that recall notice you got, there’s nothing wrong with the car. While you were gone we got the keys to your car, it was not being repaired, there’s nothing wrong with the drive shaft,’ Jimmy revealed to the visibly nervous actor.

As Jimmy continued speaking, video footage of his car pulling into a mysterious garage as men began applying decals to the car. A brand new bumper sticker was revealed to show the words ‘THIS EMMYS VOTE JUSTIN THEROUX’, but the fun didn’t stop there.

justin theroux prank

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‘I feel like HBO could be doing a better job of promoting [The Leftovers] for you, we had some experts adorn your car in a way that i think is going to bring you a lot of attention,’ Jimmy told him.

The car in its full glory was then revealed parked on Hollywood Boulevard, covered in tacky red and green flames as well as countless images of the actor. On one side of the car, a dripping wet Justin Theroux was subtitled with the words ‘For Your Theroux Consideration’ while the other showed him in a provocative position with the slogan 'Justin time for the Emmy nominations'.

The hood took the cake with a shirtless image of the actor covered in text that said ‘I’d eat these leftovers’, with a brand new hood ornament shaped like an Emmy. (It’s worth noting that the Jimmy Kimmel Live! team made a slight gaff, by forgetting to blur out The Leftover star’s license plate in a frame.)

Justin took the prank in good stride and later posted an Instagram post of himself besides his revamped ride. He captioned it, ‘Never give @jimmykimmel the keys to your car. #humbledouched #doucheybrag #thanks?’

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This isn’t the first time that Jimmy Kimmel’s played a few practical jokes on celebrities, such as his prank feud with his neighbours John Krasinski and Emily Blunt ending with a piano dropping on a gift-wrapped car. We’re looking forward to a few more next year at the 2018 Oscars, as it’s just been announced that he’ll be hosting once again despite that whole Best Picture shakedown earlier this year.

Justin Theroux's futuristic show The Leftovers is currently in its third and final season, which can be watched in the UK on Sky. It remains to be seen if his performance will earn him a spot on the Best Actor list at the 69th Primetime Emmys, as the official nominees will only be released on 14 July ahead of the ceremony later in September.

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