Julia Roberts thinks Pretty Woman 'couldn't be made now'

'So many things you could poke a hole in.'

pretty woman

Pretty Woman might just be one of the most famous rom-coms of our time. The 1990 film tells the story of a prostitute who is given a life of luxury by a wealthy client, and the pair end up falling in love.

But Oscar-winning actress, Julia Roberts, who stars in the movie, has admitted that she doesn't think it would be made in 2019.

During an interview with The GuardianJulia said: 'I don’t really think you could make that movie now, right? So many things you could poke a hole in.'

But she continued: 'I don’t think it takes away from people being able to enjoy it.'

It is reported that as many as eight actresses turned down the role before her. In 2007, one of those actresses, Daryl Hannah, said: 'They sold it as a romantic fairytale when in fact it's a story about a prostitute who becomes a lady by being kept by a rich and powerful man. I think that film is degrading for the whole of womankind.'

Julia also admitted that she wasn't all that keen on starring in Notting Hill. Wait - what?!

'I did not want to do that movie,' she told the publication.

'The pitch of it sounds awful, right? Do you want to come and play the world’s biggest movie star and then fall in love with the bookshop owner? No!'

However, once she met the film-makers she changed her mind and is pretty happy that she did, adding: 'it’s this great little jewel of a movie.'

Well we're certainly glad she changed her mind.

Jadie Troy-Pryde
News Editor

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