Is this the most patient man on Twitter?

Surely this man deserves his own John Lewis ad by now?

john lewis christmas advert

Surely this man deserves his own John Lewis ad by now?

For the last few years nothing has announced the arrival of Christmas quite as significantly as the unveiling of the latest John Lewis Christmas advert (and this year's featuring Buster the Boxer does not disappoint).

Back in 2007 the popular retail store released their first Christmas advert in three years, which had a whooping six million pound investment behind it.

Following its success, John Lewis have captured the true spirit of Christmas every year through a series of moving short stories that more often than not sends the internet into an emotional overdrive.

From a young boy who just can't wait to give his parents their presents to Monty the penguin whose one wish was to find true love, the John Lewis Christmas advert has become something of a festive season highlight for many.

As well as treating viewers to a short but sweet story, the John Lewis Christmas campaigns have also become known for featuring slowed down and emotional covers of popular songs. And over the years artists including Ellie Goulding, Lily Allen and The Smiths have provided tracking vocals for the adverts, with many of the songs often reaching high positions in the UK single charts.

Given that this is 2016, fans of the John Lewis Christmas advert more often than not take to Twitter to tweet their praises to the retailer. And this is where the most patient man on Twitter comes into the picture.

Back in November 2007 a man named John Lewis decided to join the popular social networking site and snapped up the user handle @JohnLewis. (You can probably guess where this is going).

One mere month later, and following the release of their first Christmas campaign, he started to find himself inundated with tweets praising him for the successful advert. Since 2007 this has become an annual activity for John, who describes himself as a 'computer science educator, father of four, social liberal, atheist and not a retail store' in his bio. 

Whilst most of us would probably mute our notifications, change our Twitter handle or delete our account and start again, John instead takes the time to respond to pretty much every tweet he's sent. Thus making him the most patient man on Twitter and well and truly worthy of the 18k followers he's gained.

Here are a few of our favourite tweets from John Lewis (the man not the store) to his rather confused tweeters.