Steph and Dom have officially QUIT Gogglebox

It's a sad day for sofa sloths...

Steph and Dom quit gogglebox

It's a sad day for sofa sloths...

Eagle-eyed Gogglebox fans will have noticed that a certain duo have been missing from our screens ever since the show returned last month.

In today's sad news, Steph and Dom have confirmed that they have indeed quit the popular Friday night Channel 4 TV show.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, the hotel owners announced that they would not be returning to the Gogglebox sofas.

'We think it's important that everyone gets their chance to be on Gogglebox and give their opinion, and having been on it from the beginning we felt like we'd pretty much said all we needed to say,' explained Dom.

'We've decided to take a break from it,' added Steph. 'You can have too much of a good thing, so you can't overdo it, we just felt it was time.'

'We've got other projects and not a lot of time. We're busy and filming at the hotel was pretty tough,' revealed Steph.

steph and dom gogglebox

'I'm so touched that people have been missing us, because I think there are some incredibly funny characters on there so the fact we're missed is quite a big deal for us.' Steph said.

Gogglebox features a number of families and friends from around the UK, and films their reactions as they watch TV from their homes. Featured shows often include crowd favourites such as Game Of Thrones and The Great British Bake Off.

Steph and Dom first joined the show back when it launched in 2013 and the couple quickly became show favourites amongst viewers.

Although we'll no longer be able to watch them on the sofa, Steph confirmed the pair do still watch the show.

'We do still watch it and we enjoy the new characters, it's still making us belly laugh which is great,' she said.

Gogglebox airs at 9pm on Channel 4 every Friday night.