Here are 11 times we fell completely in love with Love Island’s Georgia

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  • What a girl.

    Love Island 2018 has smashed viewing records – and just one month in, we can totally see why.

    Unlikely recouplings, shock exits and a few too many ‘Flack attacks’ for the Islanders’ liking.

    Nothing however can ever compare to the drama this week, now reaching breaking point as the boys and girls are reunited post Casa Amor.

    The public is undoubtedly rooting for Dani and Jack, with the now girlfriend and boyfriend having a touching reunion following their time apart. This however only made it sadder that previously strong couple Josh and Georgia did not have the same moment, with Georgia choosing to stay loyal to ‘her Josh’, only to find out that Josh had moved on with new girl Kaz.

    Poor Georgia, Josh has completely broken her heart! ?? #LoveIsland

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    While the past week has been bleak for the York-born drama student, her unreciprocated loyalty and impressive strength has shot her to popularity in the eyes of the public, dubbed a ‘Queen’ by Love Island viewers, and emerging as one of the favourites to win.

    ‘I cried. Actually cried,’ Laura Jackson posted to her Instagram account. ‘England may have just won the football but I can hear hearts breaking everywhere for Georgia. We have all been there, and it well and truly hurts.’

    ‘Georgia is such a STRONG woman and the way she composes herself and carries herself in these situations is inspirational,’ posted Caitlyn Vanbeck. ‘Honestly, have so much respect for her and how she’s handled this situation. Real definition of a QUEEN #loveisland’.

    ‘If you could bottle that moment where Georgia composed herself and refused to cry after having her heart shattered, no woman would ever be fucked over again,’ tweeted Doireann Garrihy, alongside the hashtags #Queen and #LoveIsland.

    I’m not saying she hasn’t made mistakes (seriously G – never rub sun cream into Jack in front of Dani again), but didn’t we all when we were her age? She is twenty let’s not forget.

    The contestant has been praised this week for her loyalty and compassion, but on closer inspection, aren’t those two qualities she has shown the whole way along?

    Every step of the way when anyone had a problem or needed comforting, 20-year-old Georgia has been right behind them, standing up for what’s right and teaching us all a lot about friendship. To be honest, we could all do with a friend like her.


    Here are 11 times we all fell in love with Georgia…

    1. The time she was respectful to Niall when he chose to leave the villa prematurely…

    2. The time she slept outside with Rosie instead of in her bed with Josh after her pal’s heartbreak…


    3. The time she walked Rosie to the door when she left the house…

    4. The time she made up a good old saying to pick her friends up…

    “Exactly babe.” ? #LoveIsland

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    5. The time she took a stand with Laura when he and Megan ‘mugged’ her off…

    6. The time she and Dani slept outside to stay loyal to Josh and Jack…

    7. The time she reacted to Josh recoupling like an absolute Queen

    8. The time she stopped herself crying in 5 seconds

    9. The time she was the first to comfort Dani after the Casa Amor footage…

    10. The time she pretended to be a cow to make everyone laugh…

    HOTLIST EXCLUSIVE: When you and your mate are just way too a-moo-sing! #LoveIsland

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    11. The time when she was all of us #fuming…

    When your ex from 6 years ago has the cheek to move on ?‍♀️ #LoveIsland

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    We are loving this girl.

    Georgia – can you be our best friend when you’re out of Love Island please?

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