Love Island bosses are under fire after last night’s episode 

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  • ‘It’s emotional abuse’ 

    We’re over a month into Love Island 2018 and we already don’t know what we’re going to do when it ends.

    The past few days have been the most dramatic yet, as the original boys and girls were split into separate villas and tempted by singletons of the opposite sex.

    While the separation proved exciting for some, with Dr Alex finally snagging himself a suitor in Charlie and Adam moving on from his ‘love’ Zara very quickly to pursue Darylle, one couple who hasn’t taken well to the separation is public favourite, Dani and Jack.

    The two have been coupled since the very beginning, with Jack taking the plunge and asking Dani to be his girlfriend last week, making them the only constant and stable Love Island couple – something that of course the show’s bosses have tried to mess with.


    The show’s producers first came under fire for bringing Jack’s ex girlfriend, Ellie Jones, into Casa Amor to shake things up. But despite their best efforts, both Dani and Jack have been the exemplary girlfriend and boyfriend, choosing to sleep outside to avoid sharing a bed with anyone else and opting out of the ‘naughty’ challenges that involve kissing other islanders.

    Viewers were outraged therefore when Dani was sent footage from Casa Amor last night. But it wasn’t a clip of Jack sleeping outside to stay loyal to his girlfriend or him confessing to Adam that he was ‘in love’ with the 22-year-old.


    Instead, it was a video revealing that Jack’s ex girlfriend was in Casa Amor, reducing Dani to tears as she feared for the worst.


    Viewers were outraged as they watched the events of the episode unfold, taking to Twitter to call out Love Island bosses.

    ‘Shame on you producers…… why show that clip? Why not show the many others of Jack pining for his GIRLFRIEND. Not cool. Not cool at all. #LoveIsland,’ one angry user tweeted.

    Another posted: ‘Proper confused why Love Island would maliciously make Dani upset like that when Jack has been nothing but 100% loyal to her? That’s emotional abuse and fucking out of order.’

    ‘What you’re doing to this girl is psychological warfare Love Island,’ posted another angry viewer. ‘Fair enough to reveal that the other guys are being dicks but you’re misleading her about Jack. That’s dirty and cruel. #loveisland #mentaltorture #unfair.’

    ‘We expect an apology from the producers for doing this to someone young, who has started a new relationship in which both of them have been loyal to each other. You’re supposed to find love on the island, why create drama between two happy people,’ one user posted.

    And it doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.

    We hope for the producers’ sake that Dani finds out what a good boyfriend Jack has been, and fast.

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