Game of Thrones star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau knows whether Tormund is dead or alive

game of thrones

Words - Olivia Bahou

From the editors of Instyle US

You’re not the only one being kept in the dark about Game of Thrones Season 8: Jaime Lannister is also waiting to learn his fate. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, the actor who plays our favourite golden-handed bad boy, has yet to receive next season’s scripts, but he knows one character he’d love to film a scene with.

According to Coster-Waldau, Jaime is presumably headed north to Winterfell—at least that’s what he took from the script. The swordsman put a glove on his good hand and rode off into the snow in the Season 7 finale, leading us to believe he was headed to help Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen defeat the White Walkers, even though Queen Cersei would not.

If he makes it north, Jaime could come in contact with Tormund Giantsbane—that is, if Tormund is alive. The last we saw of the redheaded wildling, he was standing on top of the wall as an undead dragon knocked it down with its icy breath. Call us crazy, but that looked like a pretty big fall to survive if he wasn’t already frozen to death.

game of thrones

Credit: HBO

But ask Coster-Waldau if he thinks Tormund is alive and the answer is immediate and definitive: 'I’m sure he is. I’m sure he is,' the actor and UNDP Goodwill Ambassador told InStyle at an intimate lunch before he refereed the Global Girls World Cup on Tuesday.

Take that with a grain of salt, as this man once vehemently declared that Jon Snow was dead for good. But if is to be believed, Coster-Waldau would like nothing more than to film a scene with the wildling.

'If you look at the story, I should have a scene with Tormund Giantsband. That would be fun,' he told InStyle. The fun he’s referring to, of course, stems from Tormund’s flirtatious advances toward Brienne of Tarth.

Jaime, too, has a history with Brienne: The two have even shared a steamy hot tub scene. Plus, he’s now no longer attached to his sister/lover Cersei.

If Tormund is still alive and Jaime makes it up north, this could make for one interesting love triangle.

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