You can’t unsee the big Game of Thrones blunder from the final episode

HOW does this keep happening?

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HOW does this keep happening?

The final Game of Thrones episode is officially out, with its conclusion drawing a mixed reception.

In fact, the whole way through season eight, viewers have been divided in their opinions, with it not only proving controversial in terms of the plot, but also in terms of strange mistakes.

There was the Starbucks cup blunder, with a latte visible in front of Emilia Clarke at the banquet of champions in season 8 episode 4. Then in season 8 episode 5, Jaime Lannister’s severed hand miraculously appeared to grow back for his final scene (you know, the one that was chopped off in season three).

But surely there wouldn’t be a blunder in the final episode right?


Eagle-eyed viewers spotted a big mistake in the final episode and you actually can’t unseen it.

But it wasn’t Jaime Lannister of Daenerys who were the subject of the blunder. Instead, it was Samwell Tarley, who during a meeting with Westeros’ surviving rulers, left a plastic bottle next to his left foot.

‘Now there’s a water bottle to match the coffee cup scandal,’ posted one viewer, while another wrote: ‘They should’ve made the water bottle king of Westeros #GameOfThrones.’

This is hilarious.

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