Friends fans spot something very strange during Rachel’s date with Joshua

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  • What the!

    Consider yourself a Friends superfan? You probably quote it at least once a day, it’s likely you know the exact scene that Chandler started wearing glasses and you were horrified to learn that no one liked the Friends theme tune when the show started.

    However, there’s one moment that passed us all by – even those fans who have watched every episode at least three times.

    Remember that time that Rachel was caught wearing lingerie by Joshua’s parents? The season four episode,  The One With Rachel’s New Dress, sees the couple trying to plan something romantic. They end up at Joshua’s parents house while they’re away on holiday, and Rachel slips into her silky dress to seduce her boyfriend. However, his parents come home early and find her in her undies. Awkward.

    The scene is a fan favourite, but did you notice there’s something really creepy going on in the background?

    This Reddit thread points out that while Rachel is trying to justify her outfit by saying it is loved by the stylish women of Milan, Joshua’s mum suggests that it might be a hit in LA rather than New York.

    If you look closely, you’ll notice there’s a statue behind Rachel. As this line is spoken, its eyes light up and become bright red.

    Once you spot it, you won’t be able to unsee it.

    The eyes appear to glimmer behind Rachel and Joshua for the rest of the scene.

    What does it mean? Why does the statue suddenly have glowing red eyes? And how did we never notice this before?

    Very strange…

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